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Rev. Swati Prakash is one of the world’s leading Tarot, Wiccan, Vegan, and Metaphysical gurus living in the UK and available via appointment for spiritual advise, healing, and lifestyle coaching. A graduate in in Psychology, Doctor in Alternative Medicine, and an MBA, Swati is also Past President of Tarot India Network and the creator of Asia’s First Tarot deck with 22 artists selected by her for the Museum of Tarot, Italy. Having hosted India’s first Supernatural Reality TV Show on UTV and founded India’s First Wiccan Spiritual Store and School, Magick, she authored free books and 300 plus articles in the UK for Earth Healing Network for a charitable cause. She has been featured in several national and international press and TV shows, and has delivered several seminars, workshops and courses over 20 plus years. Swati can help you with meditative and empowering sessions to help you manifest a better reality.


If it is your first time, setting up an initial consultation for GBP 100 per hour may be the best way forward. A one-to-one confidential video call will be set up, possible within 7 days of your payment. The appointment will cover a basic initial reading of your cards (Tarot spread) and optionally your life chart (Vedic Astrological chart if you know your Date, Time, and Place of birth) along with any mediumship or psychic messages if they are received by Swati to be delivered in a face-to-face meeting. You may send your questions and birth details, with the contact form below upon payment and proceed with booking a session. An attempt will be made to answer as many questions as you wish within the given time and to send positive affirmations, healing, and intuitive guidance your way using meditation and mediumship. Should you wish to order other services, or items, a number of additional options are available in Products and Services for repeat customers.Courses and training sessions are available upon request for dedicated learners and future initiates. In case a session is cancelled there will be a full refund issued promptly as per my standard Terms and Conditions.

Alternative payment link: https://paypal.me/earthhealing

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Air: The Element of Clarity (Incense and Sage sticks to cleanse Aura)

FIRE: Element of Will (Candles and Spells to Manifest Desire)

WATER: Element of Emotion and Intuition (Divination Cards and Tools)

EARTH: Element of Physicality (Crystals, Amulets and Decor for Grounding)


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