7 Chakra Sage Smudge Wand 4″ Small

7 Chakra Sage Smudge Wand 4″ Small

7 Chakra Sage Smudge Wand 4″ Small

Symbolized by 7 colours of the floral herbs that wrap this beautiful and heavenly smudge wand, 7 Chakras are energy centres that look after your well-being and spiritual development. Sage is an aromatic dried herb used traditionally for spiritual or ritual cleansing and purification of vibrations/ aura of home or people. This smudge stick combines both qualities of your chakras and sage purity to generate peace of mind as well as positive empowerment all around and into every sphere of your life. It is believed to be protective against negative energy and repels dark forces, unwanted beings, or negative vibrations.

Type: Floral petals wrapped on sage, 4-inch length smudge wand. Qty: 1 piece

Safety instructions: Be mindful of fire hazards and smoke alarms, be careful around children and pets, and allow ventilation of rooms.

Place on a suitable dish or surface and light the end of the smudge wand carefully to release a pleasant odour from the smouldering leaves until it starts to billow up lightly or as required. Direct the smoke with the palms of your hand or appropriate tools into the areas or corners to be purified and send the smoke out of the ritual area through a window or door. Extinguish gently with a lightly damp cloth to reuse at a later occasion.

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