Workshops and Courses Tarot/ Spells/ Healing/ Wiccan Way

Workshops and Courses Tarot/ Spells/ Healing/ Wiccan Way

Workshops and Courses Tarot/ Spells/ Healing/ Wiccan Way
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Would you like to learn essential skills to develop your natural gifts inherent in all sentient beings?

In the past religions and society had wrongly spread misconceptions regarding the science of healing, magical powers, and intuitive skills. In truth psychic powers or 6th senses are present in most animals who use the same to protect themselves from harm, to find resources in nature, to migrate over long distances, and to heal themselves. Humans too are one such animals and especially gifted with powers of empathy and ability to gain higher consciousness as we are highly evolved beings with the capacity to make moral decisions, right judgement, and be more sensitive towards all beings and to help others.

You too can benefit from these courses and prepare for Ascension and awakening in a higher dimensional reality manifested by the inner self.

The courses available are held over one to one sessions privately over video calls for 12 weeks per course, with one hourly sessions held each week and theory notes over email, exercises for practice, and discussions over email throughout the tenure of the course.


Divination and Introduction to Magical and Psychic Skills: 12 Weeks for 500 GBP

Energy Healing and Manifestation Skills and Self Mastery Attunements: 12 Weeks for 500 GBP

Introduction to Tarot and Basic Meanings of Cards: 12 Weeks for 500 GBP

Basics of Wiccan Ethics, Magick and Spells: 12 Weeks for 500 GBP

Upon completion of all 4 courses over a one year one day period to align with the Wiccan wheel of the year, you may be initiated into the First Degree as a Reverend or Priest/ Priestess of Wicca. Further courses in progression and available to initiates who wish to develop a career in these fields and train others into the Earth Healing Network's Global Wicca tradition for healing the planet, nature and animals and to manifest a positive planet as our mission. Initiates work together with us for the global charitable cause of Earth Healing, and also develop their own skills and networks simultaneously for both personal success and Ascension of the earth. Please refer to the Services section for more information or email [email protected] to setup your date and time for the classes one to one. In case you have a group available to attend kindly email the request for a group workshop.

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