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Swati Prakash

Updates at MAGICK, Mumbai

Rev. Swati Prakash – Founder and Head of Global Wicca Tradition and Magick Renowned spiritual healer Swati Prakash (also known as Rev. Astra Wishkap), now based in UK was self-initiated into the realms of divination, magick and transformation at the age of 10 in Delhi when she spontaneously started creating spells, rituals and horoscopes, a … Continue reading Updates at MAGICK, Mumbai

Affirmation by Swati Prakash

Today’s Affirmation: Money is Mind Magic

Money is an energy of the mind. We manifest money in this neurosimulation by believing in three things: 1. Money is good for us to empower this life and help us thrive and invest in, so that we help the planet and animals. 2. We deserve amazing wealth and money, along with ample resources to … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation: Money is Mind Magic