Six Positive Benefits of Meditation and How To Practice It

Six Positive Benefits of Meditation and How To Practice It

Six Positive Benefits of Meditation and How To Practice It
Posted on February 26th, 2023.

Meditation is a non-religion-specific, personal practice of conscious awareness in any given moment. The benefits of meditating are numerous and not limited to the following:

Inner Peace

Meditation helps us experience our own inner peace by helping us calm down and apply common sense in daily situations. Those who are peaceful from within are less likely to be restless and agitated. Inner peace reduces the need for violence, crime, anger, sexual frustration or mindless imitation of celebrities or media figures. We might be focused on images and stories of violence, crime, terror, fear, drama, and anger through the numerous best-selling books, blockbuster movies, and plays enacted for entertainment.

People and situations around us can make us upset and worried about our life or future. Meditation helps us look beyond this outer world and notice how we are absorbing energy from outside so that we can detach and choose something much more meaningful through inner awareness.


Meditation reduces need to depend on anything or anyone from the outside for happiness by helping us find inner contentment. Inner peace reduces unhealthy habits, reduces stress and therefore eliminates need for smoking, drugs or drinking as an escape or dependency. The danger of young children, teens and adults falling into the bottomless pits of negativity or addiction has been constantly around us.

Sometimes people look for relationships for love and find themselves in abusive or unhappy situations instead. Fortunately we all have our inner wisdom that prevents us from taking a fall and helps us find our way back to our personal well-being through meditation.

Personal Conscience

Meditation develops our own innate consciousness instead of merely following any outer doctrine. Meditation improves natural intuition and helps people have inner feeling of right or wrong instead of merely following rules for the sake of rules. People naturally become heart-centered, compassionate and kind through meditation and learn how to live in balance with others and nature. Countless religions and their commandments have been ineffective in creating a peaceful and healthy world so far. Laws and enforcement have been struggling too. What we truly need is a method through which people can be aware of ethics and truth for themselves instead of having to drill it into them through laws or religion. Meditation awakens our own awareness by guiding us to the inner light.

Right Discernment

Meditation reduces needs for mindless consumerism preventing us from being victims of overspending or wasting our time and resources on unuseful activities. In our daily life we are constantly bombarded with information from various sources, such as media and retail outlets, vying for our attention through glamour, convenient availability and popularity. It is easy to get lost in the world by chasing our numerous desires that are not necessarily in our best interests but meant to keep us busy in diverting our resources towards unnecessary purposes that merely help those brands or celebrities become more popular and wealthy often at the expense of really important causes that deserve more attention.

Highest Potential

Meditation helps people experience the power of positive thinking by calming stress waves in the mind and helping them achieve better results in all areas of life. Meditation improves memory and absorption of right knowledge through better concentration. Meditation brings our innovation, creativity and our best inner talents. People who meditate regularly have been found to have life-changing experiences of greater health, success, emotional well-being, healthy relationships and joyful existence. We all deserve abundance and good-fortune regardless of religion, birth, country or background. No matter what our situations of circumstances have been so far, meditation can bring us into the ‘here and now’ of present moment awareness that frees us from past limitations of future worry by showing us our true and unlimited potential.

Truthful Awakening

While science focuses on helping us gain awareness about the world outside us and religion talks about a creator outside us, meditation helps us observe our own inner-world by helping us observe our-self. We can observe our body, our physical activities, our mental processes, our emotional states and finally learn that who we are is beyond all this.

We learn to observe the one who is breathing, the one who is thinking, the one who is observing…and experience who we are. Slowly we begin to see how the ‘outer world’ observed by science and our senses is merely projecting through our mental thoughts, our unconscious inner-talk and inner emotional states. We can clearly notice synchronicity between our thoughts and our realities and witness how we have manifested or attracted various situations ourself. We can even change our reality at our will and finally be at peace with our-self and one with our creator self which is within us.

How to Meditate

Meditation does not require any special skills. religious belief, special clothing, accessories or props.

Meditation can be as simple as sitting still and breathing for a few minutes everyday with eyes gently closed so that we OBSERVE OURSELF. With practice we can be in meditative state even with eyes open to cope with any situation,stress, daily life challenges or confrontations with inner peace and intuitive awareness

No special chanting or special spiritual orientation is needed. No special or complex yoga poses or gestures are required. No special timing or days are needed. No special books or words, images, religious or otherwise are needed for meditating ‘upon’ anything. Sometimes calming instrumental music can help too, especially for beginners. Meditation can be taught in groups or individually and practiced on one’s own anywhere. Regularity of practice is helpful in experiencing benefits of meditation training.

True meditation is:

  • Non-religion specific and non-denominational
  • Based on a common universal value of inner peace
  • Not limited to any brand or ‘system’ of meditation
  • Simple and not technically focused
  • Easy to achieve – simply pay attention to yourself at any time or place
  • Brings life-changing awakening of consciousness in daily practice
  • Helps us be intuitively aware from within to make our own positive choices
  • Helps us be incharge of our own emotional and mental states in routine life
  • Prevents dependency on or blame on outside things, people or situations
  • Leads us towards a healthier and happier world created through our own choices

There are numerous ‘brands’ and ‘systems’ of meditation being promoted all over the world, however my suggestion is to keep it simple. No special ‘type of meditation’ or ‘particular spiritual system’ or ‘tradition specific initiation’ is needed in order to practice meditation.

More details of how to experience present moment awareness in The Present-Untensed on amazon and kindle.

Source: Earth Healing Network 

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