2024 Vedic Astro Forecast Planets and Moons Ahead (Full and Black Moon)

2024 Vedic Astro Forecast Planets and Moons Ahead (Full and Black Moon)

2024 Vedic Astro Forecast Planets and Moons Ahead (Full and Black Moon)

Is the Wolf Moon (January's Full Moon) in Leo as stated by Western Astrologers? Or is it in Cancer (Karka Rashi) as per Vedic Astrology of India?

You will be surprised to know that Western Astrologers, Tarot Readers and Media keep posting inaccurate positions of the stars. Their ephemeris is inaccurate or misaligned by the actual sky (astronomy) by appx. 24 degrees. Vedic Astrology being sidereal (based on actual position of celestial bodies and zodiacs) is comparatively more accurate in these calculations.

This full moon of January is a great time for introspection and intuition being in Cancer, and amazing for Tarot, third-eye or psychic work, healing meditation, self-reflection, home improvements, family time, motherhood, kindness, compassion, and self-care. Light beautiful white candles and gaze into the flame for some time and close your eyes gently to meditate soon after in order to develop your third eye today. Gaze into a Selenite crystal ball for maximum third eye activation and to enhance your intuitive and psychic perceptions. You might have a calling to learn more Tarot and Divination this year. Courses are now once again available online on my website www.askswati.com

Mercury retrogrades that affect communication and travel plans and might reverse them, are in August from 5th to 28th, and then in the first half of December from 2nd to 15th.

Also did you know there is a rare Black Moon (Second New Moon of the month) in Sagittarius on the 30th of November? While Blue Moons are the second full moon of a month happening once in 2.5 years appx, Black moon's are the second new moons similarly and represent new beginnings and an opportunity to make amends, erase the past, and start afresh. The Black Moon in Sagittarius on 30th of November helps you point your quiver of arrows in an additional, perhaps a secret direction of new starts, adventures, activism, travel, relocation, and activities that take you somewhere new. For example a new source of revenue, a secret investment in a new location, a new hobby that is more daring, a chance to say goodbye to anything that you need to close in order to begin on a new blank canvas. Simply light black candles to say goodbye to unwanted energy and make way for new light.

The following is the list of celestial movements in Vedic Astrological schedule and its possible impacts as per AskSwati.com (Kindly Note: In order to receive predictions specific to your life, I would need to look at your birth-chart first based on your date, time, and place of birth as Vedic astrology looks at accuracy and predicts your path based on every house in your natal chart, and the impact of the transits on your natal chart for each area of your life sequentially. I also need to see which planets are already there in each house or sign and the impact of the same based on their chemistry with each other.)

Transits 2024

Rahu/ Ketu - Remain in Pisces and Virgo respectively throughout the year.

Rahu is the name of the mystical north node of the moon (intersection of orbit with earth's), while Ketu is the name of the south node. They are picturised or imagined as a mythical dragon with Rahu as the head, the seeker of wishes and desires, hungry to satisfy the wild side, while Ketu represents the tail of the dragon, where you let go and end the seeking or quest. Rahu in Pisces indicates that we are more likely to feel a pull in the mystical and emotional dimensions of life, towards secrets and the hidden aspects of life. We would find more peace through the practical and mundane realities of life where we settle down.

Saturn - Remains in Aquarius throughout the year with no transits.

Saturn in Aquarius is powerful in its own house which it rules. A planet of challenges, hardships and tough lessons it also delivers strength and courage to fight battles, especially legal ones, a sense of justice or judgement and a rational approach that is clear and categorical and makes no exceptions whatsoever. A strict nature of Saturn in Aquarius is good for civil services, politics, law, clear decisions, fitness routines, rationality, scientific temperament and logical discernment. This also means your dreams may come true with some discipline of mind. The exact impact on your life depends on which house is represented by Aquarius in your vedic 'kundali' or natal chart. For instance those whose 6th house is Aquarius might have a better chance of losing weight by visiting the gym and are likely to stick to this schedule. In the 7th house it impacts your relationships by delaying prospects that are incompatible, and protecting your from harm so that your partnerships are only with the right people.

Jupiter - Begins this year with Aries and transits quietly on the 1st of May into Taurus. This is a planet of success, good fortune, expansive ideas, optimism, and compassionate gurus or mentors who can help you learn with a gentle attitude, as contrasting with Saturn who is the tough teacher or taskmaster who can judge you. In the first half of the year up till April end, most of us feel slightly positive vibrations in overall luck as Jupiter is in a friend's sign as Aries is ruled by Mars. Transitioning to the sign of Taurus that is ruled by Venus can bring a few upsets from May onwards in some plans, based on what house Taurus represents in your Vedic birth-chart or kundali. However being an overall beneficial planet or benevolent as a whole Jupiter will not always bring terrible repercussions in most aspects of life. Overall for the planet it can imply changes and shifts in the earth's climate and perhaps even the stock market, and perhaps a lack of proper action as our policies get relaxed and lose effectiveness.

Pluto - Remains in Capricorn throughout the year. This celestial body although demoted from a recognised planet, is volatile in terms of business and investments as it carries a sense of economic transformations, and risks as seen before for a few years now since 2008.

Neptune - Remains in Pisces continuing mysticism in the air and perhaps a gullible romance for love fools who are sentimental, soft hearted, and compassionate. A sense of environment, justice for animals, and talks of peace would continue on however unheard.

Uranus - A major shift is in Uranus too this year, as it transits from Aries to Taurus on the 1st of June bringing a wandering spirit to some stability with major decisions and peace for most of us. Unrest or troubled political scenarios or strife might end temporarily in June. However Uranus returns to Aries retrograde bringing past issues back on the 13th of December before year end.

There are two solar eclipses in Pisces on the 9th April, and Virgo on the 2nd October, respectively. Solar eclipses reveal a sense of shadows in otherwise optimistic matters based on what Pisces represents in your birth-chart or Kundali, and might represent debts or misfortune in matters in April. In October it can indicate indecisions and lack of practical opportunities or a difficulty in ethics and trust when it comes to people. Eclipses are not always visible in every geographical region.

Lunar eclipses always occur on certain full moons and this year are on 25th March in Virgo and 17th September in Aquarius. They may cause sorrows and emotional upsets for most people, especially in terms of what Virgo and Aquarius represent in your chart but overall representing loss of practical focus and achievements in the full moon of March or confusions in thinking in September's full moon. It need not always be negative as it can be transformed through meditation and calmness on those days.

For a detailed look at your Kundali or Natal Chart as per Vedic Astrology with Tarot card guidance all year round, email me via www.askswati.com and send me your question for detailed astrological and tarot advise and/ or a psychic or teacup reading which are both fun and mystically enlightening.

Other Planetary Transits are Enlisted in the table below:

Jan - Sagittarius
5 Feb Capricorn
15 March Aquarius
23 April Pisces
1 Jun Aries
12 July Taurus
26 Aug Gemini
20 Oct Cancer
7 Dec R in Cancer

1 Jan to 13 Jan Sagittarius
14 Jan Capricorn
13 Feb Aquarius
14 March Pisces
Eclipse - 9 April, Pisces
13 April Aries
14 May Taurus
14 Jun Gemini
16 Jul Cancer
16 Aug Leo
16 Sep Virgo
17 Oct Libra
16 Nov Scorpio
15 Dec Sagittarius
Eclipse - 2 October, Virgo

1 Jan - Scorpio R (retrograde)
2 Jan D Scorpio (retrograde ends)
7 Jan Sagittarius
1 Feb Capricorn
20 Feb Aquarius
7 March Pisces
26 March Aries
1 April R in Aries
9 April R Pisces
25 April D Pisces
10 May Aries
31 May Taurus
14 Jun Gemini
29 June Cancer
19 July Leo
5 Aug R Leo (retrograde)
22 Aug R Cancer
28 Aug D Cancer (retrograde ends)
4 Sep Leo
23 Sep Virgo
10 Oct Libra
29 Oct Scorpio
2 Nov R Scorpio (retrograde)
15 Dec D Scorpio (retrograde ends)Venus
18 Jan moves into Sagittarius from Scorpio
11 Feb Capricorn
6 March Aquarius
31 March Pisces
24 April Aries
16 May Taurus
12 June Gemini
6 July Cancer
31 July Leo
24 Aug Virgo
18 Sep Libra
12 Oct Scorpio
6 Nov Sagittarius
1 Dec Capricorn
28 Dec Aquarius

Kindly note that the sun-sign in Vedic astrology might vary from the seasonal western sun-sign as it is based on actual position of the zodiac in the night sky and represents your outer personality and image instead of being your actual rashi or inner self which is better represented by the moon-sign in Vedic astrology.

Mars represents movements in ambitions, seeking of passion, power, real estate, and sales. Venus represents your creative and sensual nature, and a capacity to give birth to ideas, crafts, decorate, heal, and develop your special artistic talents or beauty. Mercury represents your mental thoughts, education, short journeys, and communication with others. Sun represents your fame or social reputation or the way other's see you in day to day life.

Moon's Course

1 Jan Leo
2 Jan Virgo
5 Jan Libra
7 Jan Scorpio
9 Jan Sagittarius
11 Jan Capricorn NEW MOON
13 Jan Aquarius
16 Jan Pisces
18 Jan Aries
20 Jan Taurus
22 Jan Gemini
25 Jan Cancer
25 Jan Cancer FULL MOON
27 Jan Leo
29 Jan Virgo
1 Feb Libra
4 Feb Scorpio
6 Feb Sagittarius
8 Feb Capricorn
9 Feb Capricorn NEW MOON
10 Feb Aquarius
12 Feb Pisces
14 Feb Aries
16 Feb Taurus
18 Feb Gemini
21 Feb Cancer
23 Feb Leo
24 Feb Leo FULL MOON
26 Feb Virgo
28 Feb Libra2 March Scorpio
4 March Sagittarius
6 March Capricorn
8 March Aquarius
10 March Pisces
10 March Pisces NEW MOON
12 March Aries
14 March Taurus
17 March Gemini
19 March Cancer
21 March Leo
22 March Virgo
25 March Virgo FULL (eclipse)
27 March Libra
29 March Scorpio
31 March Sagittarius3 April Capricorn
5 April Aquarius
7 April Pisces
8 April Pisces NEW MOON
9 April Aries
11 April Taurus
13 April Gemini
15 April Cancer
18 April Leo
20 April Virgo
23 April Libra
23 April Libra FULL MOON
25 April Scorpio
28 April Sagittarius
30 April Capricorn2 May Aquarius
4 May Pisces
6 May Aries
7 May Aries NEW MOON
8 May Taurus
10 May Gemini
13 May Cancer
15 May Leo
18 May Virgo
20 May Libra
23 May Scorpio
23 May Scorpio FULL MOON
25 May Sagittarius
27 May Capricorn
29 May Aquarius
31 May Pisces3 June Aries
5 June Taurus
6 June Taurus NEW MOON
7 June Gemini
9 June Cancer
11 June Leo
14 June Virgo
17 June Libra
19 June Scorpio
21 June Sagittarius
21 June Sagittarius FULL MOON
23 June Capricorn
26 June Aquarius
28 June Pisces
30 June Aries2 July Taurus
4 July Gemini
5 July Gemini NEW MOON
6 July Cancer
9 July Leo
11 July Virgo
14 July Libra
16 July Scorpio
19 July Sagittarius
21 July Capricorn
21 July Capricorn FULL MOON
23 July Aquarius
25 July Pisces
27 July Aries
29 July Taurus
31 July Gemini3 Aug Cancer
4 Aug Cancer NEW MOON
5 Aug Leo
8 Aug Virgo
10 Aug Libra
13 Aug Scorpio
15 Aug Sagittarius
17 Aug Capricorn
19 Aug Aquarius
19 Aug Aquarius FULL MOON
21 Aug Pisces
23 Aug Aries
25 Aug Taurus
28 Aug Gemini
30 Aug Cancer2 September Leo
2 September Leo NEW MOON
4 Sep Virgo
6 Sep Libra
9 Sep Scorpio
11 Sep Sagittarius
14 Sep Capricorn
16 Sep Aquarius
17 Sep Aquarius FULL/ Eclipse
18 Sep Pisces
20 Sep Aries
22 Sep Taurus
23 Sep Gemini
26 Sep Cancer
29 Sep Leo1 Oct Virgo
2 Oct Virgo NEW MOON
4 Oct Libra
6 Oct Scorpio
9 Oct Sagittarius
11 Oct Capricorn
13 Oct Aquarius
15 Oct Pisces
17 Oct Aries
17 Oct Aries FULL MOON
19 Oct Taurus
21 Oct Gemini
24 Oct Cancer
26 Oct Leo
28 Oct Virgo
31 Oct Libra1 Nov Libra NEW MOON
2 Nov Scorpio
5 Nov Sagittarius
7 Nov Capricorn
9 Nov Aquarius
11 Nov Pisces
14 Nov Aries
15 Nov Aries FULL MOON
16 Nov Taurus
18 Nov Gemini
20 Nov Cancer
22 Nov Leo
25 Nov Virgo
27 Nov Scorpio
30 Nov Sagittarius NEW/ Black2 Dec Sagittarius
4 Dec Capricorn
7 Dec Aquarius
9 Dec Pisces
11 Dec Aries
13 Dec Taurus
15 Dec Gemini
15 Dec Gemini FULL MOON
17 Dec Cancer
20 Dec Leo
22 Dec Virgo
25 Dec Libra
27 Dec Scorpio
29 Dec Sagittarius
30 Dec Sagittarius NEW MOON

Check when moon is in your rashi or vedic moon-sign to know the days of maximum emotional and intuitive impact on you, especially if it is a new or full moon in your sign.

I hope you found this detailed article useful in noting the 2024 transits. Please let me know in your emails or reach me on www.askswati.com with your specific questions and bookings. 

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