One to One Consultations

One to One Consultations

One to One Consultations
From £60.00

Would you like to gain insights into your inner power, a reading of the energy of your life situations, and gain more control over how you are manifesting your life from within?

Are you ready for healing, awakening and ascension?

I can help you over email readings for Tarot and Vedic astrology or a face to face one hour or 30 mins video call if you request one, to be arranged over email via google meet. Kindly email your date, time preference to me. For tarot or oracular and tea leaf readings, simply send your questions over emails. For vedic astrology kindly also include your date, time and place of birth in your email. 

You may discuss the major aspect of life you seek support, advise, and healing for, using Tarot cards, along with any spirit guidance or psychic messages or healing that comes through automatically in mediumship as time permits, or using any additional tools such as pendulum, tea cups or oracles if you so desire. 

This session is a meditative and healing session in order to help you receive positive energy and support for manifesting your best life, dealing with any issues and cleansing of unwanted energy so that you receive personal empowerment.

The service is conducted by Swati Prakash who is a renowned Wiccan healer with Psychology degree (BPS accredited), and Doctor of Alternative Medicine, past life and inner child therapist, reiki healer, was expert host of India's first paranormal reality TV show and Past President Tarot India Network who has worked with hundreds of professionals to train them at Magick School.

Healing Therapy Services are best performed regularly for in depth counselling and healing and also because it helps develop a positive psychic current with your healer to deliver better insights for you and give accurate guidance as time moves on.

You may ask any number of questions for various aspects of your life in order for a reading in a one hour session. Or you may keep it open so that Swati will attempt to identify your question or issue that you need help with. In some cases your answers are issued even before you ask a question yourself as the cards can foretell the question at times. These questions are best for immediate or short term forecasts. 

Types of Questions you can ask additionally include:

  • How can I align with my higher self and raise my vibrational frequency of love and light this month?
  • What sort of energies or forces are in and around me and their influence upon my life right now?
  • If I relocate to the place I wish to move to how will it be, versus the place I live now?
  • How will my meeting with X go for me this week, and how should I approach it to enable my highest good?
  • What do I need to know about my relationship with my romantic partner this week, and improve things for my highest good?
  • What is likely to happen if I choose to do Business/Job A, versus Business/ Job B this month?
  • Are there any dangers to be aware of, and how do I avert them and protect myself?
  • What is the influence of person X in my life and how best to handle this person?

You can always keep the questions open and focus on actions to be taken rather than a fatalistic view of a fixed reality that takes place without your involvement.


Kindly remember any psychic that gives you a fixed answer is likely to be fraudulent, because reality is a constant creation of your mind and the more positive your frequency is the better you are able to cope up with your life and gain magical mastery over your energy and life experience, over the long run.

Swati Prakash will guide you with only positive words, meditative energy and in depth healing to help you manifest your highest good with the highest level of ethics.

You are advised not to focus on attracting specific romantic or sexual partners, obsession with any person, trying spells to get a very specific outcome such as a lottery or quick fix, to manipulate or cheat anyone in love or money, or to curse or harm someone or revenge, or to get very specific answers in a rigid way. Any medium or witch/ wizard/ psychic who focuses on such work is unethical and fraudulent, and you must not work with them in order to protect your energy field and keep it positive and focused on the higher Self rather than on lower energies that degrade your soul. 

Earth Healing Network focuses on kind, compassion based, and focused on not harming or hurting others in your life (as per the Wiccan Rede of Truth) and being of a positive lifestyle including Veganism. This is advised for the best outcomes and for raising your soul frequency and light into higher dimensions of earth and out of lower dimensions.

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