Selenite Healing Sticks 15cm

Selenite Healing Sticks 15cm

Selenite Healing Sticks 15cm
A soothing and translucent energy crystal, Selenite resembles the beautiful Moon’s radiance as its name is derived from the Latin word for Moon. Due to its radiant, shiny yet soft texture, it is also called Satin Spar. It feels lovely on the skin when touched. There may be inclusions inside that enhance its natural spiritual properties as a genuine mineral from inside the earth. It enhances intuitive gifts and energizes other tools and your home as well as your altar with kind and peaceful vibrations. Appx 15 to 16 cm long and 2 cm in diameter. Guidance from Swati: This healing stick can be held easily in your hand to bring energy inwards for meditation and yoga postures, to bestow tranquility in your aura, in drawing down the moon, and to allow its effluence to seep through your body. It calms one down and rules away bad temper or hard energies to bring back trust in the right people, goodwill, harmony, and gentleness of spirit after any setbacks, traumas, stress, anxiety, or tiring experiences. It can be also used to massage your 4th eye, crown, and upper chakras or where needed in order to help you heal and soothe your nerves. It balances feminine intuitive power improving the mother-baby’s empath connection in nursing mothers, or in overall abundance otherwise.

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