Healing Chalice (Triple Moon Inscribed)

Healing Chalice (Triple Moon Inscribed)

Healing Chalice (Triple Moon Inscribed)
An ornamental healing chalice with a triple moon image inscribed for rituals, meditations, and healing spells invoking the element of water, triple goddess or feminine power, and the three phases of the intuitive moon as per astrological, Wiccan and ceremonial significance. Material: Metal in carboad box pack. Place on the altar during meditation. Some prefer to add a bit of spring water, crystals, elixirs, clean herbal potions, or herbal infusions to the chalice while meditating and feeling the connection with the higher self or goddess, and replace on altar after magical work. Precaution: Maintain with care from corrosion, do not keep liquids for a prolonged time, and pat dry with a clean cloth when not in use. Protect item and yourself from hot liquids and spillage.

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