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Terms of Use

  1. Our products and Services: The website and the products as well as services hosted herein on http://www.askswati.com and/ or http://www.earthhealingnetwork.com are only for positive energy, healing through meditation, self-improvement, and energy work.
  2. Ethical Statement: I do not believe in controlling others, being unethical, using evil forms of magic or aghora, vodou, tantra, etc., harming another human or animal, or any kind of hurting or abuse of power, or to exploit others, using or promoting drugs, intoxicants, racism, sexism, adult content, or any fraudulent works or destructive activities.
  3. Important Terminology: Mindfulness, meditation, tarot card readings, divination, and magic are part of religious and spiritual belief systems worldwide in the inherent natural power of most animals of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception/ 6th sense) provided by nature as a scientific fact, to sense energy and happenings, predict outcomes, prevent danger, protect ourselves and find what we need to survive and live. Wiccan healing system is based on the faith in the Rede, ‘An Ye Harm None Do What Ye Will’ which is translated as using one’s free will, sensibly, with no harm intended towards anyone. It is a nature-based belief in the powers of the five elements, air (thoughts), fire (will power), water (emotions), earth (lifestyle) and spirit (higher self and intuitive guidance). Veganism is a belief in not harming, abusing enslaving or exploiting others, of any animal species, unnecessarily, and we abstain from animal products including dairy, animal meat, eggs, honey, beeswax animal skins, leather, fur or animal-tested items or exploitative services.

This is necessary to attract only positive energy and the right guidance from the higher self for ASCENSION AND WELLBEING. Free books and articles on http://www.earthhealingnetwork.com will help you learn more.

  1. All products and services are to aid in meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual focus and are not a replacement for any common sense or medical/ legal, or any other advice or use of own personal decisions. No guarantees are provided on the accuracy of predictions, psychic service, or outcome of your life, as these services are based on religious and spiritual faith as well as personal will power of each querent. The benefits of products and services may vary between individuals as they depend upon your energy field and mindset as a user and upon your intention, frequency, and karma.

http://www.Askswati.com and Swati Prakash as well as Earth Healing Network http://www.earthhealingnetwork.com and its subsidiaries are here to advise and support in knowledge and awareness of how to use these products and services for your highest good and for the benefit of the planet.

Legal Disclaimer:

All products, services, and their usage are at the buyer’s sole risk, ability, and discretion as per the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein in this full document. By purchasing any products and services and by use of the websites, the buyer takes full responsibility for their own life events and agrees to adhere to the right usage of the products and service as per guidelines. Swati Prakash, http://www.askswati.com, and Earth Healing Network, http://www.earthhealingnetwork.com, and our agents, employees, or associates will be indemnified in all circumstances and not subject to any liabilities or damages in case of any issues.

  1. Shipping and Refunds for Products: Items are packed and shipped within three working days of receipt of the payment. Delivery time varies according to the carrier selected during checkout. In case of non-fulfillment of the order, or damage due to product defects, full refund will be issued after due investigation, within 7 days of confirming the error on our part, to give you the best possible experience.
  2. Delivery and Refunds Policy on Services
    In case of any reason an appointment is refused or not fulfilled from our end, there will be a full refund within 7 days of requesting a refund.
    No other refunds or damages are applicable.