Are You Still Looking for a Soulmate?

Facebook is our new world, social media replaces railway and telecom networks as our new lifelines..everyone seems to be saying everything over twitter all the time. The lines between friends, followers and public are blurred. But as we try posting our thoughts and updates to the world, who are we talking to? Others or our-self? … Continue reading Are You Still Looking for a Soulmate?

Reach your Inner Core

Earthquakes are felt on the surface, there is peace at the core. In the circle of life, we experience ups and downs, highs and lows, trials and tribulations - only if we are superficial. Going within in the first step to experiencing peace. At first it is challenging, there are many distractions in the outer … Continue reading Reach your Inner Core

We Are Witches

We are witches, we cast spells For everything to be all well While others gather arms and guns We believe in Harming None Those who try to kill and burn Will soon begin to lessons learn Its natures law, do as you will You cannot ever spirit kill Soon reborn from ash and dust Is … Continue reading We Are Witches

My Tips for Healthy Livingโ€ฆfinal part 3

Go outside. Staying cooped up indoors all the time can block our energy channels. Getting some fresh air in a healthy surrounding is as important as eating fresh food. Be natural. Pretending to be something we are not just to impress can often create energy blocks. Flashing designer labels, acting important or name dropping reveals … Continue reading My Tips for Healthy Livingโ€ฆfinal part 3

My Tips for Healthy Living

Eat light. Its amazing how little we really require to live. Most of the time we eat for emotional comfort, taste, social obligation, entertainment...all the wrong reasons. When we are in a meditative state we literally eat light, or spiritual energy. Most of my students who have come over to attend my full day workshops … Continue reading My Tips for Healthy Living

The (reverse) Conversion

They are everywhere You are watching a spellbinding moment on Charmed and the bell rings... Enjoying a quiet stroll by the riverside and there you hear them shout... Rushing to a client meeting and they will still run into you before you run for the train... Go to the supermarket to buy a toilet roll … Continue reading The (reverse) Conversion

A Faery Tale

This life is only as enchanted As you ever truly wanted Beauty, wisdom, happiness With gifts of nature we are blessed Intuition and our inner power Grows within from bud to flower Soon with time we all do grow Until we all this mysteล•y know It will reveal itself for sure When you open up … Continue reading A Faery Tale