The Real Alchemist!

Here is a story that could inspire you today… Once there was a beggar who had no home, no car, not even sufficient food or education. He lived on whatever people could toss his way out of pity. He was tired of this struggle. He dreamed of being really rich, of having many millions one … Continue reading The Real Alchemist!

Meditation: The Most Important Thing For Us All

What is meditation? Meditation means going within (from the latin word medi that means middle or center). We all are something beyond our physical bodies, beyond our feelings, our desires, our thoughts...there is something deeper within us. Meditation is about being with this deeper part of us. Why should we meditate? In our day to … Continue reading Meditation: The Most Important Thing For Us All

Are We Playing The Game of Life?

(The World Card - Legacy of Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti) Today I landed on a small 'super-mario' style video my son was watching for a minute and I observed how similar our life in this World is to this kind of play. In many of these gaming videos we get to begin our journey … Continue reading Are We Playing The Game of Life?

We Are Witches

We are witches, we cast spells For everything to be all well While others gather arms and guns We believe in Harming None Those who try to kill and burn Will soon begin to lessons learn Its natures law, do as you will You cannot ever spirit kill Soon reborn from ash and dust Is … Continue reading We Are Witches