Today’s Affirmation: A Fulfilling Life

Why are we here in this world? We may not know everything but we do know that we are here. And while we figure out the greater philosophical questions, why not live in the best way possible, right now? With joy, compassion, and truth. And who knows, that might be the very purpose of existence!! … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation: A Fulfilling Life

Affirmation by Swati Prakash

Today’s Affirmation: Money is Mind Magic

Money is an energy of the mind. We manifest money in this neurosimulation by believing in three things: 1. Money is good for us to empower this life and help us thrive and invest in, so that we help the planet and animals. 2. We deserve amazing wealth and money, along with ample resources to … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation: Money is Mind Magic

Daily positive affirmations

The Creator

The Matrix is our deeply immersive virtual reality world where our mental data creates neurosimulation, usually subconscious mind data projections. This happens in your dreams. We must remember that ALL the people in a dream are all projections of the dreamer. You can also create your own dream, change your dreams and be lucid.