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Fabulous expert featured in several media for Wiccan Ethics of Non-Harming, Magickal Manifestation, Tarot Therapy, Vedic Astrology, Planetary Ascension and Spiritual Healing. Originally from India she currently lives in U.K. as a British citizen.

Swati Prakash, India’s most reputed Tarot and Wicca Expert now in U.K.

You can ask questions with regard to your life, spiritual path, career, relationship or any issues to Swati for a confidential, one to one advise consultation (meeting over video call) within a week of your booking via the Magick store online, and/ or purchase spiritual products of your choice on the link below.


Swati Prakash is well known as the sole founder and sole owner of India’s first and most renowned Wiccan shop, Magick, now online in U.K.

Ascension is a Scientific Quest of Using the Sixth Sense (E.S.P.) to guide us Home into Higher Consciousness for Our Awakening from the Matrix of Illusions into Truth ~ Swati Prakash

Rev. Swati Prakash is one of the world’s leading Tarot, Wiccan, Vegan, and Metaphysical gurus living in the UK to deliver spiritual advise, healing, and lifestyle coaching.  

A graduate in in Psychology with Honours, Doctor in Alternative Medicine, and an MBA with Distinction, and Past President of Tarot India Network at the young age of 22, she revolutionized the spiritual community by introducing Tarot as a healing tool for professionals while been an Award Winning CEO and MD of PR Agency at Mumbai at the same time.

In 2008 she became the Sole Founder of India’s First Wiccan Spiritual Store and School, Magick at Mumbai, leaving the corporate career to focus on spiritual enlightenment.

Swati was Expert host of India’s first Supernatural Reality TV Show The Chair on UTV using hypnotherapy to heal subconscious fears concerning spirits and send to train young people to do so on camera at India’s top haunted palaces, forts and locations, travelling all over India, alongside co-host Indian Idol top star Meiyang Chang.

Swati was a regular columnist with several periodicals such as Mother and Baby, Times of India Ascent, DNA She magazine, Express Starteller and Go Airline’s magazine Go Getter to present Tarot and Vedic Astrology Forecasts.

She has been interviewed on major TV and news channels, and presented readings and predictions on MTV with VJ Mia, Star TV Bollywood Awards, Zee News, and other broadcast channels.

Swati’s life story has been featured in major TV national programs such as Mano Ya Na Mano hosted by Irfan Khan and Sambhav Kya by Siddharth Kak. Swati has been featured repeatedly in leading dailies including front page and magazine covers.

Swati is a rare medium and a channel of the higher self. She cast her first original manifestation spell and conducted her first Wiccan ritual by casting a circle and calling forth the five spiritual and Vedic elements in each direction on her own when she was merely 10, without any help or training. She started reading palms and practiced numerology and astrology at that age.

She created history with Asia’s First Tarot Deck, bringing together 22 Artists selected by her as one of the five people worldwide among five continents for LiteraTarot commissioned for the Museum of Tarot, Museo Dei Tarocci in Bologna, Italy, as a permanent part of their collection, and also featured in a book in The Court of Trumps, published by Department of Art and Culture, Italy.

Swati has delivered several seminars, workshops and courses over 20 plus years and addressed fully packed auditoriums such as the Mood Indigo festival of World’s Leading Engineering University IIT, Powai campus, SIES College, Mumbai, Crossword Bookstore, Kolkata, Rotary International meetings, and in various venues across India, been a guest professor at EMDI management school. She has addressed gatherings to conduct rituals for Earth Healing in the Indian Ocean on the ferry and Mind Body Spirit Experience at London for Ascension, Mind Body Soul in Essex and Vegan Fairs at Canvey Island.

Swati has authored more than 12 books, CDs, and card decks on spiritual healing, vegan lifestyle, magick of manifestation, positive energy, tarot, and oracle decks, and focuses on Vegan Ascension and Earth Healing through her content on Earth Healing Network on http://www.earthhealingnetwork.com and http://www.askswati.com

Swati Prakash is available for seminars, workshops, interviews, TV shows and literary events. For Media and Press Enquiries kindly email: Contact@earthhealingnetwork.com


India’s Most Reputed Tarot and Wicca Expert Medium and Author Now in U.K.
Swati Prakash accurately predicts World Cup Outcome in national daily newspaper, among the TOP 3 Experts (Top Astrologer, Top Numerologist and Top Tarot reader, Swati Prakash) of India.

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  1. Hi Swati. I read the article in Times Of India Yesterday. I would come directly to the point. I am into meditation and healing and I am getting some visions related to 2012. This city of ours seems to be in real danger post Dec 2012. Do you too have any such visions or indications of the future?

    1. I really believe that 2012 is something that everyone talks about and different people seem to have different visions or opinions. We all agree it is significant but a lot of spiritualists believe including myself tht it will be an important turning point in our spiritual evolution. Also remember that reality is shaped by forces within us and not prewritten from the outside. How we think and feel about this affects what really does happen. I want 2012 to be a year of enlightenment. What about you?

      1. ya i also feel like u…i want to enter in the field of metaphysics..what kind of help i can get from you…thanx

  2. hi swati i have a request there are many wiccans in Chennai,and people here are struggling for a perfect occult shop i request you to open a shop in our city as this is also a metropolitan city , please we have so much of needies and you can improve your shop and open your shops all through the world.and if you have an idea please inform me …….i think you would be the best wiccan in india.but im only 14 yrs old and i have which i made on my own its good and works a lot and i have an altar with the items all made by myself..but i need the best from your shop please help me……

  3. hi swathi dhidhi,
    im laveinya again , how r u? i need a couldron and some tarot cards ,love spell kits ,amulets,i need your address for ur occult shop ,i need so many incense ,”i forgot to say you …….” i did shamain ritual in my sacred place ,i made a love powder of tomato ,apple blooms, rose, apple etc and i used it on my mam and she now likes me a lot and back of me every time ,idk whether i would get it three fold to me……help please ,,,,,and another thing i made my wand before of eucalyptus wood crystal and colored it with white .it now became black so can i re paint it???? being a wiccan can i do spells all the time ,once i wished rain to come it came ,can you please say the spell which i said is correct or not because the rain stopped soon the spell is
    “ancient god and goddess ,
    i invoke the water from the sky,
    i command thee now to thee all,
    listen to my desire rain fall …
    after that i said “i invoke thee ,i invoke thee ”
    i said this by raising my wand up…….can u please say whether the order is correct….

    1. hi , can you please tell me how I can learn these spells & how did you learn them. then how did you make your wand can you please tell me.

  4. Thanks Laveinya for sharing and congratulations. The spells you do are absolutely ok as long as it doesnt disturb the balance of nature, control anyone’s mind or do any harm. Weather magick and spells to gain other people’s favours also require us to keep this in mind. Its the intent and not the technique that is of key importance. I think the rain may have stopped as it may not be necessary for it to continue.
    For anything you need I have updated the contacts on this page and will try to make items available online as soon as I can.
    Do polish, oil, energise and decorate your wand.
    Blessed Be

  5. hi swati, how r u ? i need some wiccan supplies and i don’t know whether there is an occult shop in Chennai ,i cannot come to Mumbai as my father will not take me, so do you know any other occult shop in Chennai so that i could get my needies.
    thank you

  6. dear swati,

    iam from kathmandu nepal.27 years old intrested in tarot and wicca.well have collected 3 different decks but cannot work with anyone except for osho tarot…..and collected differnt books on wicca but somehow not getting any results.so what do you suggest me?come to mumbai to attend your workshop or are there any ideas that could help me staying here?

  7. Swati,
    I was going through your url. I don’t see any selling item pics have been updated. It will be very easy for witches to see and then buy the products. I bought candles from UK site which was updated in the site of it’s own many kind. I selected the one I felt good and ordered. Since you also understand, kindly have this facility on the site asap. Everybody will benefited out of it.

    Hope you take it in a right way….. 🙂


  8. Hi Swati,

    I am a dowser and a pyramid healer, i have allways been interested in your form of healing .I also wanted a session with you.Read your article today and did some search on the site.
    Do you do something in Delhi as it is not possible to come to M’bai for this.
    Please let me know and also i want to know the cost of each of these,is it possible in Delhi and when?
    Thanks and regards,
    Rannjaliee siingh.

  9. Dear Swati,

    I hope that this comment receives you in good health & spirits.

    You should consider launching your brand here in the UK & USA. There is a huge market here hungry for Mystic Tarot & Wiccan services; and moreso if they are from India!! The UK “Premium Rate & Credit Card Psychic Tarot Telephone Services” Industry alone is worth £80 million a year in revenues (imagine taking just 10% of that to India in the first year)!! The UK & American Markets are crying out for something new & refreshing! Hopefully I have struck a nerve with you and if you require any further information regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me; I would be glad to hear from you!

    Also some constructive advice, after running some analysis of your main websites; Firstly, they seem too “flash” intensive & take too long to load; also flash sites are not search engine friendly with the targeted keywords you desire! Secondly, most of your backlinks to your sites are of low quality PR1 to 6, you need more high quality links PR6 to PR9 to gain better ranking on SERPs for your keywords. Third & last observation; you should submit shorter articles (400 to 600 words) to all the major article directories to gain quality backlinks along with loads of targeted web traffic to your sites!

    I hope that the above information has been helpful and if your require any further assistance please do get in touch, as I said it would be nice to hear from you.

    Kind & sincere regards

    Prinze Ramada

  10. Hi Swati,
    I read about you in TOI-delhi last saturday.For long I have been looking for real people in wicca. I dont find any in delhi.I have keen interest to explore all these.Could you please let me know how can i avail all (healing, and magic etc)in delhi or any other alternative.Do you conduct workshops in delhi, let me know.

  11. Dear Swati,
    Your blog is very positive and informative.I loved your psychic attack article and realised that I have been a victim of psychic attack since childhood and attract negative visions which I don’t want to think about but they keep on coming back to me..visions of violence comes to mind and I try hard to cancel it but I end up crying and scratching myself as I feel very uneasy.I will wear hematite and I am sure it will solve the problem 🙂 Thanks for the article.
    Great work, keep it up 🙂

  12. hey swati

    i’m 17 years old and have been a wiccan follower for almost 2 years now. problem is i don’t get time to pratice much and i can’t get most of my supplies. can you open an occult supplies shop in gurgaon?? it’ll make things a lot easier if you could or if an occult store already exists could you tell me the address please????

    thank you!!!

    1. Dear Sahiba
      I am checking the demand and if I find it to be excellent in any area I will take my energy there. At the moment I am supplying anywhere through my Mumbai store using shipping/ courier. If you need specific supplies let us know +919867859058 Mumbai and we will get back with what we have and the price. Thank you!

  13. Dear Swati,

    I enjoyed the reality show on UTV Bindass.
    Its great to see sprit shows on TV, also you are exceptioanly very beautiful, no wonder sprits get attracted to you.

  14. Hi Swati,

    It was nice meeting you on last saturday @WTC, I could not ask many things at that moment as exhibitions stalls are always flooded with persons.I have taken you points & working over it

    Do you provide the consultation @full analysis i.e. the problem with appropriate solution. for entire family.

    Pl let me know.

  15. Hi
    Swati ,
    I have been always interested in paranormal things.
    I used to study about many paranormal things.Since my childhood i used to feel negative energy and all stuff.Now i am 15 and during night when i go out for a walk at night i see many things which are very wierd.I feel so some paranormal powers which are existing in me have started to grow i need your help in this and if i can talk to u it would be much more helpful as i can explain it in detail.

  16. I like t learn tart card readings….Can u help me….Can u tell me where do we get tart cards….I hav subscribed t ur blog….
    i would like to know how to use tart cards…..

  17. Hi Swati,

    I saw your presentation on star one channel mano ya na mano 2. You look extremely gorgeus especially your hairs are beautiful. wish my partner had such hairs. lol. Just wanted to say keep up the good work. is there a course for being financially free? Please let me know.


  18. Hi, Swati

    I have seen that show of mano ya na mano..i really need ur help..u get my lost love back..i hope if u can help …me ..what is the best tieme to call u plz let me know ..

    Thanks & Regards

    1. dear deepika
      love is always within you. you can never lose your true love. those who leave you are doing u a favor as they are not your true love. if someone goes away it is only to make way for your true love to come to you (not specific person – read http://www.globalwicca.com carefully for the ethics regarding love spells).
      I suggest you do a spell to invite true love into your life.
      Blessed Be

  19. I have been always interested in paranormal things.
    I used to study about many paranormal things.Since my childhood i used to feel negative energy and all stuff.Now i am 15 and during night when i go out for a walk at night i see many things which are very wierd.I feel so some paranormal powers which are existing in me have started to grow i need your help in this.Can you tell me how to gain control over these and how to prevent it from gaining contol over me?

  20. I have been always interested in paranormal things.
    I used to study about many paranormal things.Since my childhood i used to feel negative energy and all stuff.Now i am 15 and during night when i go out for a walk at night i see many things wierd.I feel so some paranormal powers which are existing in me have started to grow i need your help in this.Can you tell me how to gain control over these and how to prevent it from gaining contol over me?

  21. Swati ji,
    hope you are fine and doing well. i was introduced to your work through the show ‘the chair’ and was quite interested to be a part of it but somehow the show went off air.

    i see unknown people and places in my dreams. and mostly i see dreams about some future events which i forget but when they take place in real lives, i say oh i have seen this in my dream before…what does this convey? Please help me out.

  22. dear swati,
    can u pls tel me how to become a witch? is it possible for a normal human like me to become 1???

    1. You have the power within you! You need to learn the right techniques and increase your awareness as well as knowledge about the natural world. Any normal human has the power to be a witch. If you wish to be a good witch, Wicca can be the right spiritual path for you….www.globalwicca.com has the syllabus to help you learn more. Go through it and you will learn about which skills you must develop. You will also need some basic tools. Also read the right books. I suggest you start with books such as The Law of Attraction, The Secret and then go to more complex topics of spells (but always with a firm spiritual and ethical basis such as Wicca provides)

  23. hello mam am kritika this side i just want to know
    one of my friend is facing many problems in her life since two years and the problem is related to boys only
    like first incident she had some calls ns sms which disturbed her really badly in school,home everywhere bcoz of that tension she even started fainting in school
    from that point of time she is completely changed nd even attempt to do suicide ..n now some other guy is troubling her
    is it that she is cooking up stories after the first incident which i mentoned above or its somethhing realted to supernatural or some pyschological problem
    please help me out with this problem
    thank you

    1. all problems are somewhere born inside at an inner level before becoming manifest in our relationships and interactions. Maybe she can undertake a past life therapy or inner child healing with me so we can discover the nature of this problem. we can begin with an energy reading through initial consult

  24. Hi Swati di i read abt u n m realy inspired by u n ur work n effort for upbringing witchcraft. I wish u al d v best in ur future. : >
    m 19 yrs old n m frm Goa…
    I 2 want 2 b cum a witch plz tel me wat 2 do… M realy intrstd.

  25. Hi Swati di plz tel me knw wat 2 do inorder 2 bcum a witch? I had intrst in it rt frm d age of 12 but i dint knw hw 2 bcum 1..
    I read abt othr young witches jst of age 13 n below n m feelng ashamed coz m not 1 : ( evn i wana b a witch n help othrs.

    1. We are all witches and wizards and we are ll divine in our truest self and we must never feel ashamed that others tried out something before us. perhaps by realizing it this late you will have more maturity while dealing with these powers and will do an even better job 🙂

  26. hie swati….um sooo glad tht i finally came across sum1 whom i cn talk to about wicca…um only 17 nd wicca has really caught ma attention…i wanna visit u..i wanna talk to u in person…can u teach me wicca? I really need a mentor…!! Um lookin upto u..!

  27. Hey, mam…

    Is there any coven in India, that I can be a part of..

    Thanks, plzz reply..

    Swati’s reply:
    You can always join The Global Wicca Tradition. http://www.globalwicca.com. All courses are available online. If you take initiation you will surely find someone in your area soon as others from the same city are also part of Global Wicca….

  28. HI ! I have been reading about Tarot a lot offlate,and been through a few sessions myself.. But somehow the results are delayed and in some occassions it doesnt happen.. and you think it really works.. ?

    What do i do to have garunteed result..?

    1. It all depends on practice and inner belief in your psychic powers. Most people consult a renowned psychic for answers if they are unable to find them – it is a learnt and acquired skill from this life work or from past lives…and it needs training.

  29. Hi Swati…Since childhood i was interested in Wichcraft but never knew how to go about with it. I have heard alot about you and that you are located in Mumbai at Bandra. I live in Mumbai and am 25 yrs old. I am interested in learning Wicca. But hope it is not late to start learning it. I am working so dont know how much time I can give to practising it on daily basis. I would like to start with a basic course or something. Please guide me on this. I would like to come visit you. Please help me. Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

  30. i somehow get the sense about the person being wrong once i get close to the person and it turns out exactly what i have thought of about the person.. i wonder at times . it happened like my ex when i first met him before we started dating i spoke to him for an hour or so later he happened to give me his phone which was password protected and he told me u cannot unlock and the person i met for the first time i unlocked his phone in one go i sensed his password just with an hour of talking , it happened with couple of friends as well i unlocked their passwords , i dont understand how am i able to sense it . also when it comes to my close friends their health issues or anything they have lost i find it somehow . my frnd lost 40 thousand rs bag in an auto at night 1am . i found it at 3am and it was exactly where i told her , i am surprised or may be its a coincidence but everytime i sense something and it happens dont know how and why.. even when some issues happened in mumbai i happened to tel my friend at marine drive that something wrong gonna happen tommorrow and it happened . i could sense it worst part is i can sense exactly what wrongs gonna happen . i ignore all this but then makes me wonder why do i sense things it actually bothers me , since i know whats on persons mind and i am unable to escape that moment. its crazy , i feel if i am trained i can do something good for people if i learn wiccan . somehow i get warnings but i ignore.

  31. hi swati,
    this s Jwalitha from b’lore..
    im vry much interested about learning spells n magicks to heal n help people.. as i was searching the internet, i found u. im glad dt i found a right person.. actually my family s going through a vry tough time i dnt knw wt to do.. i thought dt if lucky charms n amulets helpd me.. i dnt knw any wiccan shops here at b’lore. im confused n m feeling helpless.. pls help me..

  32. Hi Swathi,

    This is Amrita. I am 24 and I want to get inititiated into wicca. The reason being that right now I am going through a really rough patch. I want to solve this situation, get out of it and become the person that I want to be. For this I think I need a guide, a physical presence, someone who can take me through wicca and help me be that person. I stay in bangalore. I really have no idea as to who can help me here. Can you please guide me to wicca practioners here who can help me. Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

  33. hy swati maam, i am tarun i have been referring your site from last few mths and i am very keen to know all abt this wiccan world respectively i also want to know can you heal peoples who are suffering from bad luck , surrounded by negative energies , struggling for each and everything they want in their lyf…

    kindly suggest me sumthing …..


    1. Love is best found inside ourselves and not by chasing someone whose love for us is not strong enough. if you love yourself you will find someone who truly loves you right now

  34. Plz help .
    Mai ek ladaki se pyar karta hu or wo ladaki bhi mujhase.lekin cast problem hai.cast ki vajah se ladaki ke parents na kah rahe hai..Or parents ke karan wo ladaki bhi na kah rahi hai.mai kya karu.plz help.

  35. Hi swati
    could you please suggest a good wicca teacher in chennai, for i live there and am interested to learn wicca.and i want to do it in person with a guide

  36. hey swati can u plz tell me if your shop in bandra still open?? coz i keep callin on the landline number but noone answers. i wanted to buy some stuffs like dragons blood incense etc. please do let me know so i can drop by. i live in suburbs by d way so its easy for me to come at your shop. thanks

  37. There are more and more people who are willing to try these alternative therapies for
    their holistic well-being. Planning a cesarean section delivery
    for me was similar to preparing for tax season. Using guided imagery with meditation can help to sooth a flustered mind and

  38. Hello Swati
    I’ve always had an intuitive feeling that I am an empath. As I looked further on this, I have started to realize that I am one. I want to know if your store has anything that would help me glean further knowledge on this.

    1. I shall visit any city for workshops as long as someone organises the same for me, feel free to create an event and register participants after discussing with me.

  39. Hi All, Magick has it’s website named http://www.supermagick.com
    All items listed are in stock and can be ordered online from your own city :-). Kindly call 022 65250328 or 09867859058 for any further customer queries.
    You could also join our Facebook group ‘Global Wicca’ for ritual updates and networking.

  40. Hi jerlynn. I am in UK. I will inform Magick if I visit India..do contact Magick at Mumbai and someone will help you with what you need. 09867859058 , 02265250328 In case you organise any event we will be glad to get invited for any workshops or healing sessions.

  41. hi,i am **********from b’lore n found u thro’ net can u pls help me what may b the blockages/barriers for my career,money,past 10yrs?rgds,prsd

  42. dear sis, i am from b’lore,deviprasad n whats the meaning of wiccans?how can a common man like me can get benifit thro’?i am born on 09-05-1964 n recently i am finding it difficult to earn for my family?is th. any negative things happening behind?

  43. hi swati,
    I am 18 and can already read tarot cards and my predictions come true most of the time,but it becomes difficult when I try to predict my own future I get confused can you help me out ?I also wanted to know if we can use tarot cards to know the past life or if there is some other way please let me know.I am also very interested in wicca and have read few books on it .I already have a good insight but I want to know more about angelic healing and working with the faerie realm can you suggest me something ?

  44. Hii Swati….I m much interested to follow WICCA but could not get through the right path. I am based in Delhi and have a quite conservative family. But my interest towards WICCA has developed day by day. Would like to me my mentor and guide me the direction I should chose. My mail id is

    @gmail.com. Regards Ruchi

  45. Hi swathi. I’m Narayanan from Chennai
    I’m practicing Wicca and pegan magic but couldn’t get the necessary items. Is it available in your shop. Is altar kit available. I’m 16 years old. Where can I buy the Wicca costume excluding online.

    1. Hey there Narayanan, lovely to know you….in paganism you can choose to dress in robes or work with whatever feels comfortable…store in mumbai has been now transferred to London, so very sorry about that but hope another one opens soon…let us hope you find all you seek locally but once my London store is online will update my blog and let everyone know so you can shop and order

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