Wiccan and Tarot Healing 60 min One-to-One Live Private Videocall Session


Wiccan healing session by renowned expert Swati Prakash in U.K.


A Wiccan healing and Tarot Spells 60 min private session live with renowned High Priestess Swati Prakash is about accessing positive higher dimensional energy from the elements of Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in accordance with the Wiccan Rede ‘An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will’, and to connect you with your true nature of love and light, for protection, for manifesting positive outcomes and for banishing all forms of evil, removal of dark forces, for getting rid of black magic, voodoo, demonic or harmful energy sent by anyone. This service is only for the highest good and for Vegans who are positive and kind beings.

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An appointment over google meet/ Whatsapp or a similar video call will be ascertained within a week of your payment.