Twin Crystal Swans for Love


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This crystal swan Onyx pair is uniquely handcrafted and each set is different as made from natural earth crystals with unique striations and mineral inclusions from off-white, and light pink to a gentle pastel green and brownish shades, symbolic of the planet Venus of love.

Guidance from Swati: In Feng Shui, a pair of Swans is believed to be a symbol of a twin-flame, committed relationship. harmony, and peace of mind, especially when placed in the South West corner of your room (bringing the element of Earth for stability and connection).ย  These swans are wonderful as dรฉcor to beautify your environment and on your altar for magical purposes to attract positive loving vibrations into your heart center and to find supportive relationships based on compatibility.

Always keep stones and crystals cleansed, energized, and well-displayed for the best results, and return them gently to the earth in an eco-friendly way if damaged or broken. Keep your space free of clutter and peaceful.

Size of each swan in pairs: 6cm x 4cm x 1.5 cm individually (sold in pairs)

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