Tarot, Runes, and Oracle Card Reading 60 min One-to-One Live Private Videocall Session


Tarot, Runes, and Oracle card reading session by renowned expert Swati Prakash in U.K.


Ask empowering questions for an accurate and insightful Tarot with Runes and Oracle card deck reading by the intuition of Swati Prakash who is a renowned and rare medium. Runes are an ancient Norse alphabet with hidden meanings that provide guidance, protection, and magical empowerment. Your questions may include any area of your life, whether career, relationships, luck, occult forces, or spiritual path, as time permits. Your cards may even be able to foretell your question at the start of the session in some cases. This reading is for a maximum of 60 minutes.

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An appointment over google meet or a similar video call will be ascertained within a week of your payment.