Detailed Tarot and Astrological Consultation over Email


Detailed Tarot with Birthchart (Vedic Astrological Kundali) and brief Numerological consultation scheduled with Swati Prakash over


Tarot professional Swati Prakash
Swati Prakash Tarot Therapy session
Vedic Astrological Kundali (Birthchart) Reading
Astrology and Tarot Service (Example chart)

Book an in-depth private consultation issued over email for an accurate and insightful Tarot and Astro reading with an image of your tarot spread, alongside a brief Vedic Astrological overview with your chart (Kundali) image, and short Pythagorean Numerological analysis by Swati Prakash who is a renowned and rare medium.

The reading may span various areas of your life, whether career, relationships, occult forces, beings, or spiritual path, as per your chart or Kundali (12 houses). You may also ask a specific question to the tarot cards, if you prefer. The answer as well as your basic chart analysis (astrological reading) and numerological overview will be emailed within 2 working days of receiving your payment.