Spirit Guide Spell Incense Sticks


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6 packs of the fragrance ‘Spirit Guide’ which has the scent of Frangipani. Each of the 6 packs contains 20 incense sticks.


Spirit Guide Incense
Spirit Guide Spell Incense Sticks for Prayers and Meditation

Powerful presence of positive angelic beings can be felt during meditation, healing and spells while using these incense sticks through your mindpower, healing, affirmations and kindness. Light carefully on altar using right incense holders or ash catchers and smudge the aura of the persons or home you are healing or blessing, and replace on altar to continue meditation, spells or prayers.

Precautions: Kindly protect from fire, smoke and flames. Inflammable item. Be mindful of smoke alarms while using in rooms or use outdoors carefully.


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