7 Chakra Pendulum: Green Jade


A green jade pendulum with 7 chakra beads in the chain to help you amplify healing powers and work with chakras for wellbeing, or to divine any answers.

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Pendulums are essential tools for any magical practitioner or healer. This amazing green jade pendulum with 7 chakra crystal beaded chain helps you divine your situation with yes and no answers, and benefits you greatly by indicating the energy when rotating clockwise or counterclockwise hovering over a spirit board, map, oracle cards, crystals, herbs, candles, magical tools, or any items you wish to choose and assess the energies of, or to check the wellbeing of your chakras.

Green jades are excellent for healing and well-being and bring the superior qualities of Reiki into your life.

Standard size pendulum. Pendulum point appx 4.5cm x 2cm total length with chain appx 22 cm.

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 cm