Healing Abuse and Trauma

What is the root cause of mental illness?Truly, it is negative energy, violence, and those stressful world situations that cause them.What heals us?Kindness, good behaviour, positive words, action against negative energy, removing evil from society, helping victims, supporting those who need support, and truthfulness heals us. In case noone around is supportive, we meditate and … Continue reading Healing Abuse and Trauma

How to Move Upwards In the Spiritual Food Pyramid

As our awareness levels rise all over the globe, we see that people are regaining interest in healthy and spiritually positive lifestyle, especially food and diet. Not all foods are at the same spiritual level. We need to incorporate in our lifestyle more spiritually positive foods in order to have a healthy and positive life. … Continue reading How to Move Upwards In the Spiritual Food Pyramid

The Real Alchemist!

Here is a story that could inspire you today… Once there was a beggar who had no home, no car, not even sufficient food or education. He lived on whatever people could toss his way out of pity. He was tired of this struggle. He dreamed of being really rich, of having many millions one … Continue reading The Real Alchemist!

Meditation: The Way to our True Self

A lot of people ask me what type of meditation to practice...which technique to follow. Somehow various 'techniques' of meditation have been branded all around by various meditation gurus. Those are merely induction techniques for trance. Not meditation itself. Some people would say 'meditate on this' this and confuse meditation with contemplation or focus techniques. … Continue reading Meditation: The Way to our True Self

Top Ten Reasons to be a Fool!

(Card image credit Osho Zen tarot) Being a Fool might sound like something embarrassing to some of us, but spiritually speaking the Fool is the most powerful archetype to associate with. Here are some reasons why we all should consider being more like the Fool:- Being Humble: A Fool does not pretend to be self-important … Continue reading Top Ten Reasons to be a Fool!

Seven Reasons for Being More Spiritual

On one hand we have seen people who are purely materialistic and for whom the physical world observed through the five outer senses is all there is. Yet, on the other hand we have spiritualists who believe that the outer perceivable world is mere illusion while the truth is hidden within. In this internet driven … Continue reading Seven Reasons for Being More Spiritual