Chakras and the Sacred Seeds of Manifestation

Our chakras are the energy centers that link our inner and outer worlds together. It is through our chakra wheels that we manifest our inner energies in the outer world, through our bodies, our work, our words, our relationships...they form the rainbow bridge that connects our higher and lower self as one. Our chakras are astral … Continue reading Chakras and the Sacred Seeds of Manifestation

Ban or Banish…How should we handle negative things

Defining negative as something that is clearly harmful for self or others.. Is a banning beef justified? Is banning BBC from airing interviews of rapists justified? Are such bans helpful, effective or sufficient? Or do they make people feel powerless, as if their rights are taken away? What I have observed is that more and … Continue reading Ban or Banish…How should we handle negative things

You Are NOT a Zodiac

Perhaps you were born at hhmmss time on ddmmyyyy date at xyz location. Does this mean you are an Arian, Cancerian, Capricornian...etc etc for life? Just how important is your sunsign or moon rashi? How about your ascendent or rising sign? And yes, your jupiter, venus, saturn, mars, pluto, rahu, ketu, neptune, uranus, mercury....what about … Continue reading You Are NOT a Zodiac

Being Spiritual

So many people speak of being spiritual these days. Many like being called spiritual, not religious...(as if religion were a four letter word that has done no good...but Gawd, wasn't this is the way it was experienced until the new age of Wicca, a spiritual scientific religion...but that's besides the point) The point is...what is … Continue reading Being Spiritual