Ascension Symptoms

Ascension is a term used to describe the ascent of consciousness through a mindful observations of psychic phenomenon and listening to our heart while using ESP and intuition to discover truth.

These are experiences of many people who are going through what is termed ‘Ascension Symptoms’ for the past few years.

1. Sleep cycle changes and waking up in the middle of the night for no explained reasons as if ‘woken up’. This could be followed by sudden insights or strong feelings.

2. Vivid lucid dreams that are very realistic and somehow feel as if they were created by someone deliberately for you. As if someone is telling you or showing you something. People from the past, or those you will see in future, in dreams…much like a jigsaw puzzle to give you clues.

3. Emotions that might go high or low unexpectedly or through the day, such as being unusually weepy or anxious for no reasons. This is possibly because your empath powers are increasing and you channel other people’s or animal’s thoughts and feelings telepathically, or the planetary frequencies.

4. Unexplained changes in hunger, bladder or bowel movements, food sensitivities, digestion, bloating, weight loss, or gain, diet shifts, from time to time. (Even while being Vegan).

5. Changes in your belief as if being unplugged out of the world’s systems of religious or spiritual beliefs, or any past habits that drained you, or those systems that are unscientific.

6. Extraordinary premonitions or telepathic contact by voices, other beings, as if someone else is with you, or connected to you, including radio static or buzzing in ears. If you persist, a clear person’s voice that is over a phone signal or radio that gives you very accurate forecasts, guidance, or information that is verifiable and definitely not a hallucination or delusion.

7. Pains, aches, tingles, itches, pricks, movements in the body, skin, heart, lungs, ears, throat, stomach, that are unexplained but if you find out will reveal to be a mediumship or message from several beings who could move your body, lips, eyes, or talk, sing, dance or convey information through you using clairsentience if you focus. This is not a mental health problem but there are several strong mediums and psychics who already telepathically help others using this method professionally.

8. Sexual changes that are sudden, strong sexual drives, or none and a loss of interest in sexual activity. This too could be linked to empath powers and channeling others from around or the thoughts of others.

9. Relationships, career, and financial breakdown, turmoil, drastic changes, as if you are being taken out of certain situations entirely and viewing your life from the outside in review of your past, while being in-between or at the start again.

10. Realising the truth about people around. Understanding of human behaviour, leading to protection and safety from narcissistic, psychopathic, and cruel beings who were controlling your life. Developing sound intuition, clear judgement, and losing your rose tinted glasses and being dehypnotised.

11. Detaching and introspection on how you manifest things, people, events, from your subconscious and conscious mind. Important synchronicities and immediate manifestation of thoughts out into conversations, situations, products, or media, as if a revelation of your inner thought power and evidence of a neural simulation or dreamworld.

12. Evidence of fractal coding, symmetry, geometric architecture, and clues regarding the coded nature of reality, intelligent design, and systematic patterns of life.

13. Seeing how you manifest paranormal events, Gods, Goddesses, thought projections, ghosts, apparitions, or anything you fear, love, or had faith in.

Learning to discern between the voice of your heart, versus mind, and your true self versus various beings or people and knowing yourself is part of this phenomenon.

Ascension symptoms can be challenging at times and there is ample confusion about this subject. Some believe there are star beings, soul family, twin flames, spaceships, ET or aliens, shipmates, or crew coming into contact with some of us for pickup. Others believe there are angels and Ascended Masters as well as demons of lower dimensional entities communicating with us. A third belief is that we are Manifesting a reality consciously of leaving the planet awake and alive for example, in a ship, in order to detach from the Matrix and its systems because we are in a simulation.

Kindly note: Ascension symptoms are being reported usually by empaths or spiritual healers, and some kind-hearted souls. ♥️

For any help, healing, or support in this complex journey, I am available via my website through the following link to telepathically help those who are going through this and to answer your questions over video call.

Blessed Be. (*)

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