Healing Abuse and Trauma

What is the root cause of mental illness?
Truly, it is negative energy, violence, and those stressful world situations that cause them.

What heals us?
Kindness, good behaviour, positive words, action against negative energy, removing evil from society, helping victims, supporting those who need support, and truthfulness heals us.

In case noone around is supportive, we meditate and find our own inner peace and will power. For example as vegan activists we get abused even more if we say even a small thing because people care more about their enjoyment, food, and about non vegans than about each other, or animals. We need to learn inner healing techniques.

When it comes to mental illness or disorders there are two types.

1. Violent or Abusive Personalities:

Some people can be lacking empathy and be disordered as violent or manipulative personalities which means psychopaths, sadists, or narcissistic beings who hurt or abuse others. They may not always change due to medicines or therapy. They definitely need to be educated on how to behave but they won’t be listening and reverse blame victims. Sometimes drugs are prescribed if they get calmed down or less aggressive due to them. But they may not seek out any support or cure at times and function in society all around us, pretending to be good on the outside, but being poor in the ways they treat others at a personal level when you live with them. They rarely feel empathy for animals because they get nothing out of them and their only enjoyment comes from their own pleasure, food, fun, and entertainment which is their life purpose, even if it means ignoring the needs of others or using them towards their own selfish interest, consumerism, and to ‘win’ an argument or war for own ego to be massaged.

2. Victims and Trauma Symptoms:

Some people might be victims or might be empaths and feel ill or depressed because they feel the pain of violence, stress, and negative behaviour around them. If you have trauma or ptsd and depression because of your struggles or sadness at the ways of the world, we need some sort of healing. Some people use medicines, others prefer non chemical forms of healing over time. But in some cases if its emergency medicines may be prescribed for some time. Medicines do not provide the ultimate cure and may have side effects. In my case I found more harm than help in case of trauma or PTSD after my abuse since 2010 which was a long term very severe abuse that completely destroyed my life. But I recovered well through Affirmations and my own meditation and healing through myself. I found doctors and drugs to be useless when I was about to die because the stress became physical illness too, after a local woman from my city attacked me last year to cause me grave harm, but I came back through will power.

Looking at people abusing animals, cooking and serving them, eating them, ignoring the plight of the victims, not taking action, harms an empath. It is not only one’s personal abuse. Its also witnessing abuse but feeling helpless that harms us psychologically in a big way.

How to Heal Yourself:

Everyone’s experience is different and only an individual who faces a problem knows how it feels and probably not everyone does the same things to recover, be healed, and protect oneself.

One great way to protect yourself is to block negative energy, another is to banish it, and a third is to amplify your own positive energy through your work, to shine out even more, do better and support yourself till your last breath.

All of these are called spells or healing techniques that are mind based or will power based, hence called magical because the work happens at an inner level. Of course, these are positive spells and not to harm others but to help yourself and eliminate bad energies or people out of your life and give them a lesson.

An example is when I was being threatened with knife, abused sexually and assaulted or hit by someone against my vegan activism and my spiritual career to bring me down three years ago, I visualised that the abuser would receive a judgement and exactly that happened. Every word I thought in my mind was said by the judge exactly in issuing a court order. Therefore, we do manifest situations in life in order to learn who we are and to be aware of the power of our minds.

Everything is about one thing. Realising that your mind creates reality in this dreamworld.

Just two days ago, I cast a spell that negative and harmful people are leaving my life, and exactly that is what has been manifesting over the last two days.

It’s amazing that the mind creates reality as I have witnessed how my thoughts made people new people appear physically out of nowhere through the third eye and say or do things exactly as I imagined.

While it’s great to empower oneself in this experience of manifesting reality, it is a great idea to remember that it is all illusion or a dreamworld or the Matrix and to remain a good person from within (your soul), and be open to learning what truth is instead of believing in things from any scriptures or belief systems.

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