Healing our Reality from Within

Abundance Mindset As a Panacea to Widespread Violence and Abuse

Why do people act badly and hurt others, harm animals, enslave and exploit each other?
Because there is an untruth prevailing in society. A lie: of a requirement of stress, solid competition, tremendous challenge, strife, struggle, hard work, tiresome effort, and needless aggression. We think we have to force a mother to bear eggs, babies to take away milk, to kill them…so we have enough food. This is a lie.

Non violence creates abundance. Plant Based system and Veganism heal the planet and give us more resources.

If we teach each other to value achievement of goals that make corporates and ourselves rich in finances but with a brutal disregard to the goals of kindness and love, this is the root of evil. Not money in itself, but the mindset of competition and aggression based on violence.

In a truthful society we all have enough. Everyone gets their own place under the sun and stars and without wars, fights, slavery, exploitation, rape, or murder.

Nature supports us, as we love nature. Love is felt both ways.

Therefore the best solution to spread love is to Raise Consciousness.

Teach the Law of Attraction or Manifesting your wishes in alignment with Love and Nature.

Teach Magic of Healing and Heart.

Learn Simple Spells, Affirmations and Meditation, to activate higher consciousness. Stay away from negative Occult that is canniving or unethical, corrupt, or confusing.

Magic is really simple.

Visualise what you desire as if you have it already now. Send energy to your vision.

Learn reiki, get initiated and attuned into natural healing paths that are mindful, positive and kindness based. Use loving affirmations.

The world is all a mental simulation.
Do Not think you need to struggle and toil, or oppress others. These were lies. Break free with joyful awareness.

There is enough for everyone in this infinite universe. Be in Abundance consciousness.

A higher level of reality exists right now… in you.

You will ask and receive from yourself.

Your mind, belief, and emotional state creates your reality.

You are not a slave. There is no God or Being out there controlling everything. Have faith in YOURSELF.

Noone from outside is popping in once or twice to judge us. Be a witness to yourself. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Be aware of yourself.


Because there is no other. There is only one. Duality is illusion. The sky is within, the stars are within. Earth is an anagram for Heart.

If anyone hurts or abuses you, you will manifest a solution and be helped. If you lose wealth and become homeless you will rise up again, and universe will give you more. The reason is that we are in a dream, and our subconscious mind will PROJECT our helpful people around, police, social support, agencies, laws, all will be there to help you as a human being to break free and be safe. Because a human mind is dreaming the reality.

But when your mind aligns with compassion towards nature and other beings on earth, you will also begin manifesting social change. This is the story so far as far as I have witnessed. We now decide how it goes ahead in our mind. ♥️

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