How Do We Manifest Reality?

It’s Witchcraft!! Except, that it’s not.

Teen Witch movie reminded me, I always had this power to think and make something happen. Like a switch you turn on or a computer button to get an output, there is a power in every person in the world. Our mind and emotions.

I decided to pursue a higher research degree in Psychology this year and was preparing for IELTS which is a requirement. It was really tough in the computer practice tests at home, so I did a spell quickly at the venue in my mind on the computer and made the final test super easy for me. I went to eat out at lunchtime and thought about how the speaking test would be. I heard a voice inform me to talk about Tarot Reading (I do hear prophecies). I then thought that perhaps the examiner should ask me about food and veganism. On returning to the test centre I was called for the interview round and he asked me exactly about that. First he asked me about my profession which is Tarot reading, and then entirely about food and veganism.

Once last year in summer I was eating falafel wraps at a stall and suddenly thought, ‘Well, that is a nice dish to cook and I wish I could wear that pretty apron and work there for a bit and learn how it’s done.’ I pictured myself wearing that apron. Suddenly the chef came over and I complimented him on the colourful apron. He said, perhaps I could wear it someday and work there. Of course I couldn’t do it for too long as he was also serving halloumi wraps that aren’t vegan and I quit.

Do this yourself.
Try to create an image in your mind of what you want to do, where you want to be, how you want to enjoy life, or meet people, and make it as colourful and clear as you can. It must be something that feels good and that you are emotionally drawn to. Then let me know what happened.

Remember that even those things that emotionally upset us happen to come true.

Infact, anything and everything happening around us is always, related to our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and worries.

This is a super fact that if everyone knew about, we could solve the mystery of the universe.

Also very important is, not to waste time thinking of romance or relationship with particular persons, as this is a sure way to invite trouble into your life. Focus only on yourself and how you wish to feel instead of controlling someone.

Try to manifest something positive.

Blessed Be!!

Swati Prakash

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