What is Ego? ID, EGO, SUPEREGO as explained by me via the Chakras and Tree of Life

We have been wrongly deceived by popular opinions, that Ego is bad. That we must remove all Ego and be Ego-less. This is the plan of evil beings to reduce our self importance and take over the planet by making us give up all power so that they can victimise vulnerable and innocent ones. These wrong ideas of losing all Ego, and eating a humble pie and being defeated, have been spread all around by religions to keep us humiliated, obedient and powerless and to give away all powers to the Matrix of religious, political, legal, corruption based leaders and Lords. This has made Evil win.

My explanation is slightly different than the regular versions of some versions of the Freudian Id, Ego, Superego diagrams that we normally see in which Id is wrongly shown as a Devil, Ego as Human, and Superego as an Angel.

Id is the child or inner child in all of us as we all need basic safety and enjoyment of life. Ego is the adult self in us to help us be sensible in daily functioning and protect our Id self. The Superego is the Parent or Higher Self, Inner God or Goddess to give divine guidance and higher powers to us.

Too much Ego is bad. It is called Egotism or Ego mania.

Too less Ego is bad. It is called self deprecation and low self worth.

Similarly less of Id or our natural human instincts will cause us to fall prey to predators or perpetrators, while excessive focus on it will keep us preoccupied with the mundane to a self serving degree of material pleasure and dullness.

The Superego is the most suppressed part of our Human and animal self. We rarely grow up if we continue to worship Father and Mother without realising Self. We are unable to weild our own scientific powers of sixth sense to manifest, be magical and conscious due to wrong religious and archaic science that neglects the paranormal. An excess of focus on Superego alone will make us unable to focus on other areas of life when needed and detaching us completely even if needed to help others.

Venn diagram Id, Ego m, Superego as modified by Swati Prakash

We should not be continually mistreated and abused. And we should at the same time not mistreat and abuse others. Either extreme in any of the planes, is a sign of the Matrix taking control.

When we have victims being abused, enslaved, killed, and hurt or perpetrators who harm others, we have a clear imbalance here in this reality. E.g. trillions of animals being killed and bred for killing, with billions of humans killing them and breeding them to kill them cruelly.

In a balanced reality, each of us will be respected, have equal power, equality of rights, no racism, speciesism, sexism, and so on. This is what is meant by balance. Not a balance of good and evil. Evil never leads to balance, it always harms, always upsets our chakras.

The Tree of Life and the Human Being

In the Tree of Life of Kabalistic mysticism we see and learn how a normal world is actually meant to be.

In the Tree of Life, we see the 7 chakras but a few of them are mirrored to form three planes that you see as three horizontal lines.

Two angular branches of this tree ascend upwards from below into two vertical lines, left Ida or Lunar, right Pingala or Solar, with a third one of balance in the middle, Sushumna going right through to the top sphere.

Now, let us identify the three planes of Id, Ego, Superego within this Tree of Life.

The first horizontal line from below demarcates ID or the physical part of us that needs protection and empowerment.

The second horizontal line demarcates EGO or the mental part of us that makes day to day decisions by right choices.

The third horizontal line demarcates SUPEREGO or the spirit part of us which gains intuition, higher magical powers and truth of the universe.

Tree of Life within the Flower of Life

The beautiful flower of life is a symbol to activate higher consciousness by recognising the Tree of Life within it. It also activates Merkaba or our capacity to Ascend.

The lower chakras that are base chakras are in the ID plane.
Red of Muladhara or Root for Safety.
The Orange one or Sacral for Swadhishthana or foundation of self, is for creative power.
Without basic safety, security or material power we cannot exist on the physical plane at all. We will be ill, disempowered, hurt, and unsupported, thereby unable to help others. We also need to have enough abundance to enjoy life.

The Yellow pair of spheres for Will power and self confidence, are called Victory and Glory, Manipur chakra or Solar centre, and would take us into the EGO plane from Id plane.
The Green one middle sphere of Tiphareth, helps us balance our ego by giving and receiving equally, being kind to others, kind to ourselves.
The Blue pair of Severity and Mercy of Throat chakra or Vishuddha, help us vocalise our thoughts with both severity when needed to talk against evil, as well as mercy to be good to those who suffer.

We then move into the more inner or spiritual plane or dimensions of light thereafter with SUPEREGO with the indigo spheres of Wisdom and Understanding of Third eye or Agya chakra to see the unseen and know the unknown via telepathy, clairvoyant powers and other subtle senses.
Finally the higher Self or Kether, Crown of Sahasrara chakra is revealed at the apex to help us Ascend into higher worlds and be Liberated from the dangers of falling down again into Grey area or Darth sphere if we relinquish third eye powers or sixth sense and become physical and mental focused alone, which is what the Matrix wants, especially the crooked religions of fear.

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