Yoga: A Satvik Path

The original teacher of Yoga was Krishna in Gita not Patanjali in Yoga Sutras, and instructed to consume plant based food alone, not dairy or animal products, because everything is to be aligned with Self or higher consciousness.

The entire path of Yoga is Sattvik lifestyle including diet. Good behaviour and raising consciousness towards the true Self (truth is Satya and its essence is Satva).

This includes your daily lifestyle and food.

Tamasic: Ignorance based, e.g. dead bodies that are unfit for consumption or unhygenic eggs, milk, etc.

Rajasic: Sensory excitement based, eg. Too spicy, too pungent, smelling strong.

Satvik: Clean fruit, veg and some nuts, grains, legumes.

Sattva is the Essence of a Conscious Lifestyle

Yoga is not about physical exercise or body postures alone.

These days in the western world we have several Yoga teachers and Yoga exercise ‘goers’ who have fit bodies that they flex and enjoy using for fun while thinking about eating bacon, cheese, ham and other disgusting things made of slaughter and decay. This is not real Yoga.

In India too we have poor quality yogis who think of dairy all the time and enjoy dirty dairy. This is also not Yoga because Dairy is a stale animal lactation that coagulates, filled with germs, and from abuse of cows and their babies.

Real Yoga is about meditation and control of your thoughts and behaviour and physical body as well. Hatha Yoga and pranayama are there as a posture based active meditation system. But the basic point of Krishna was on being Sattvik. Without that base, no point in any Yoga.

If you are of Tamasic or Rajasic nature and your life revolves around dirty items of dairy or chicken or other meats and you cannot live without their taste you are obviously not interested in Yoga or meditation or in any spiritual activity.

Talking about God as if he is a man standing on a higher plane creating the world and living seperately is not Spiritually conscious. It is Tamas or spiritually dead, unconscious thinking.

Trying to be conscious yourself, finding who you are, and focusing on your liberation from the Matrix is the only way to be spiritually alive.

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