7 Chakras Ascension: Feminine and Masculine Balance of Ida Pingala Sushumna Naadis

Hindu philosophy is about Ida and Pingala, or Lunar and Solar flow of energy in each being, flowing in balance in chakra system, left of body/ right brained and right side of body/ left brained, respectively. If the twin naadis are imbalanced, energy is stuck in the chakras.

Our chakras are manifest as glands, physical organs and life situations projecting out from within. We all have powers to manifest our true life. When twins naadis are balanced energy flows through the Sushumna naadi or the Stellar channel of Ascension.

Chakras unblocking

This helps us be wholesome, leave the Matrix as aware living beings, and be Karmically Liberated instead of being stuck in negative patterns or cycles of evil from one life to another as ignorant beings.

Being unaware of Evil and Passive is called Tamasic or ignorant energy of kundalini coiled up and stuck in an archaic, unevolved, reptilian state. This is a state of unconscious behavior, for example eating or using non vegan animal products and seevices, following others robitically, being hypnotised by untruthful media or celebrities, belief in illogical religions of an outer evil dominator God or Lord and praying to the same, unhygenic life, lack of healing skills, having no magical powers of your own, and being a slave who has no interest in liberation.

Being aware of Evil and aligning with it by evil actions is Rajasic energy and also Evil. Here Kundalini energy is used but in the wrong way. It is about restless, inconsistent behavior of killing, abusing, hurting others knowingly and not refusing to be party to abuse or exploitation systems. This is a draconian and demonic Rakshasa state of domination, power, control and wilful actions to abuse one’s power. It is Satanism and Cruelty.

Ascension of energy through chakras helps us be free of evil and the dangers of reptilian and demonic, fear based systems of coercive control, violence and harm. This leads us towards Sattvik or Truthful life. A Sattvik Life is based in honesty, compassion, courage, peace, intellect, happiness and valuing good over evil.

Chakras in balance manifest as Stability, Safety, Comfort, Peace, Health, Joy, Intelligence, Awareness, Love and Harmony.

A similar pattern is found in the Tree of Life which is also from root to crown in balance.

The Tree of Life

Lunar or dark or left pillar in Kabalistic Tree of Life is the Feminine forces of intuition and inner power (spiritual), while the Solar or light pillar in right side of the Tree of Life is about outer physical power (material). The tree of life is a western representation of the flow of energy from root to crown similar to chakras and naadis.

Yin and Yang is a similar system of Oriental wisdom from the Far East, with Yin symbolising Hidden, Softer sides of nature such as night and rest, and Yang representing the outer and Aggressive sides of nature such as day and physical activity. Both are needed in balance and can flow into each other for natural harmony and equilibrium.

Yin Yang

God and Goddess or Yin and Yang, Dark and Light do not mean good vs evil. Both God and Godess, Masculine and Feminine, Yin and Yang, Spirit and Matter, Inner and Outer, Hidden and Visible sides of nature are in us all. We all have a hidden or mystery side that is called sixth sense in balance with the outer logical side of reasoning and algorithm. Why have we forgotten it? Why are we afraid of it?

Yin Yang, Ida Pingala, Dark Light do not mean forces in opposition,  it means working together to balance both energies of outer action and rest.

Sometimes Yin and Yang, Ida and Pingala includes archetypes of feminine and masculine energy, also called Goddess and God duo. This is because men were able to be physically active in braving the weather, looking for food and water, doing physical work and being Gods, supportimg women who were looking after more of the intuitive roles of bringing up children, being mothers, carers, and Goddesses. This is because women are more vulnerable to attack, have reproductive organs to bear children, are less materialistic and more into kindness and nourishing aspects of life. It is in our DNA. To deny women the right to look after life, care for home, the planet and its people is to abuse them and enslave them, forcing them to do as others will instead of letting them use their own powers.

A society that confuses Yin or Dark, receptive and intuitive or sensitive energy with Evil or ignores feminine is created due to a complete disregard for the more peaceful, restive and intuitive aspects of nature.

Would you prefer a world in which there was no night but it was day all the time, there was no coolling or calm moonlight, no time to sleep and relax? Yin or Dark, Ida force is necessary for balance of nature.

Would you prefer to only think but never feel anything? Never react or respond but only act. Never receive but only give thoughts out. Never be telepathic, intuitive or have sixth sense but only use brain to think without meditation or deeper self understanding?

Why is society programming us to be Anti Feminine? Anti Intuition? Anti sixth sense? Why are jobs, businesses and work all about materialism and selling products or services and never about the empathy, intuitive and psychic sides of life? Why has inner power, spiritual magic, witchcraft, and psychic work been equated with evil, devil or negative things to be feared or suppressed?

Is Yin Yang Balace About Good Evil Balance?

Evil is not necessary in the world. Light and Dark means sun and moon, day and night, yin and yang balance of activity versus rest and peace. The balance is between active (thinking) or outward focused and restful (receptive) or inner focused stages to restore wellbeing.

Wrong mindsets of good and evil being both created to balance nature is propagated wrongly as light vs dark, yin vs yang by half baked media and religions that believe demons and angels are both natural and normal, killing and slaughter are needed for life, or that good and bad are both natural sides of humanity. Demonic or evil energy is unnatural and inhuman. Humans are not meant to harm, kill and destroy nature or themselves.

Why do you think evil is a necessary part of the world for balance? Do you feel that evil balances or do you feel it throws people off balance and brings about turmoil and devastation, throwing all chakras off balance and blocking Ascension?

Actual Light and Dark or Yin Yang have nothing to do with good and evil. They are both good and necessary for life. We must believe in the victory of Good and not in Evil.

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