How to Energise the 7 Chakras for Complete Wellbeing

The secret of balancing and improving all aspects of our life including our inner and outer health is hidden in our seven major chakras. These 7 chakras are like a ladder that connects our lower physical existence to the higher spiritual one.

Imagine these 7 chakras as 7 spinning wheels of light of the VIBGYOR colours, turning clockwise and running through the center of our spinal cord from head to toe. Chakras are not composed of physical matter but energy. They give power to our nervous system, all our glands and all major organs thereby being the source of our overall strength and our emotional, mental and physical energy.

The Root Chakra is visualized as a red ball of  light at the tailbone region and rules  our basic existence and survival. An imbalanced root chakra can manifest as loose motions or constipation, phobias, fluctuating life path, and financial instability. To balance this chakra ground yourself by visualizing roots growing from your tailbone region going to earth, keeping your safe and stable in the material world. Imagine any negative energy being released into earth where it will be transformed and recycled into positive energy. Repeatedly chant the mantra LAM and imagine the red ball of light becoming clear, shiny and powerful.

The Sacral Chakra is in the sexual centre or pelvic region and is seen as an orange ball of light. It rules our fertility and the power to create, enjoy and celebrate life. When out of balance it can result in sexual difficulties as well as dullness or depression, as if not enjoying the essence of life. Bring yourself back in balance by imagining this chakra become a vibrant orange, throbbing with excitement and passion. Chant the mantra VAM to give it power until it feels better.

The Solar Chakra is in the stomach region near the diaphragm and is visualized as a bright yellow ball of energy ruling over our self esteem, overall energy levels and positive attitude. A lack of balance here would reflect as poor self image and a weak disposition as well as lack of confidence. Energize this chakra by chanting RAM and visualize it shining like a radiant sun inside you.

The Heart Chakra is in the center of the chest and seen as a green ball of light helping us give and receive love and happiness. If not in balance it could manifest as s an inability to love or accept love fully leading to heart diseases. or asthma at later stages.  To bring it back to balance chant YAM and visualize this chakra shining clearly like a beautiful emerald in the centre of your chest.

The Throat Chakra is like a blue ball of energy in the throat region ruling over self-expression. When blocked it could manifest as difficulties in explaining oneself or speaking your truth as well as thyroid issues in the long term. Energize this chakra by repeatedly chanting HAM until it looks and feels like a clear and bright turquoise blue ball of light.

The Third Eye Chakra can be seen as an indigo ball of light in the center of the forehead. It rules over our intuition, higher awareness and psychic or magickal power. A blockage here could express as mental dullness, problems with sight and migraines. Balance it by repeating the mantra SHAM and visualize the chakra shining like with a powerful indigo blue light.

The Crown Chakra can be visualized as a violet ball of energy overlapping the top of the head and connects us with the higher reality or universal truth. A blockage here could manifest as spiritual blocks, rigid beliefs, purposelessness and karmic or repetitive patterns to problems. Energizing this chakra can release a lot of stress away from you and fill all your chakras with energy from head to toe. Chant OM and visualize a powerful violet ball of light on the top of your head until it feels right.

Finally visualize a clear white light filling all your chakras from head to toe till every cell of your body is wonderfully energized. Working with your chakras this way daily is a good start. The more you practice daily the better you will get at it. Half an hour of chakra exercise everyday can ensure a healthy and problem free life if done in the right way thereby decreasing your dependency on external medication and enhancing your effectiveness in life in each and every sphere of existence.


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