HARMED: The Problem of Warlocks and Demons Harming an Ethical Wiccan

They had zero interest in planetary activism.
They only wanted to heal human beings for money.
They had no interest in Earth Healing Network. In rituals at Earth Healing Temple they pretended to care for the planet while using it for personal gain.

These were some of my students and employees who received training and initiations as priests at High Priest / Priestess levels but did it just for power. Ethics was the main initiation but they cared just for technical skills. They ignored the core of teachings of Wicca, the Rede (An Ye Harm None Do As Ye Will) and the soulful planetary Healing of nature and Earth, of animals and restoring eco-system stolen and destroyed by humans which is what Wicca is all about.

They kicked me out soon after they gained powers. They were Warlocks, not witches. They are the ones who steal energy and power from a witch.

Indians do not consider women or witches as Gurus.
They consider women as sex objects.
They respect and touch feet of male turbaned and bearded men or monks only. They give them money and gifts as guru dakshina. They are proud of learning from that guru and praise him profusely. They admire the guru and display gurus photos and seek the gurus blessings as a vip before every venture or decision. At times they worship female Maas or Matas who dress up ÃŽn sarees and tilaks with rudrakshas *Hindu fashion.

Westerners are worse than Indians. They are demons who kill witches.

If a woman teaches them spirituality or truth of universe or higher self, they have zero respect in both Indian and Western continents.

Most of my Wiccan and Tarot students studied Mysticism and Ethics with me, Astrology and Higher Science of the Matrix and Liberation into Truth. They had zero respect for ethics or mysticism both. They only wanted to make quick money by starting a shop. They only wanted to learn skills of how to give readings and attract money, especially stealing my clients using my reputation and based on my PR and hard work filming TV shows over day and night non stop efforts, lots of media interviews, giving free forecasts to media, addressing seminars in halls and universities.

They used me to sit in my shop while I recorded TV shows to promote the Magick store, India’s first and no. 1 Wiccan store and temple, and they made money by talking my clients into trusting them and giving cheap readings to them at their place or shops.

They aligned with others when I requested support and franchise network.

They sucked life out of me as some of them were vampires, so that I had losses and could not afford to pay even basic rent or buy food for my family on becoming a mother of a baby and moving to a new continent against my will. They knew I was not from a rich background and knew they can easily shut my shop if they wanted to harm me.

It is due to them I shut shop, lost my income source and all my life savings and pensions and became fully dependent on a toxic partner in UK and stayed in a dangerous home with my little baby who was also abused and hit repeatedly along with me. These students and employees had no interest in my welfare, only in making money in my absence from me, so that I have little income of my own, and starting own shops after taking over my email address also.

After numerous requests my employees who were Rev. Angel Serrao, his friends Laxmi, Poojan my employees have not returned my password of tarotindia@gmail.com and they have used my database of thousands of clients, mobile numbers, email addresses and hundreds of media journalists so that he controls them in his Wiccan Shop since 2016 when he closed my store after deliberate absences and wilful store closures. He used to even lie to people that he was owner or co-founder of Magick when he just came in in 2012 after 4 years of success of Magick, and he was working under me and paid by me on a monthly basis.A

Another student Isha Mehta after initiations and hands on Wiccan training sitting in my store watching my every move, gaining experience in products and services, promised to handle my store in my absence as a franchise. Then just vanished once I requested she pays for products and rent, and franchise fee. She just wanted to take all my clients and products without paying any deposit. This is why I had to rope in Angel Serrao in her place as she started own shop slyly without information to me dude by side while pretending to be a franchisee under training. She also admitted to having learnt black magic from other Hindu Astrologer man who was her guru and could enter dreams of people to kill them or control their minds, pretending to be a God or Goddess. Can you imagine the lower demonic nature of such beings of underground hell?

Other students started own shops too after being absent for a number of days and not completing their duties properly. I was upset that one of my loyal employees Anuja used to store my clients mobile numbers in own mobile phone to stay in touch with them against the rules and my handfasted partner asked me to remove her from the job without last month’s pay although I would have wanted her to stay as she was very good at dealing with clients. Later she started retailing similar products in shops such as Pentacle jointly with another student Kareena Khawani who was richer than me. I am happy if they start own enterprises and sorry for the split up, but at least mention where you learnt Wiccan and Tarot work and retail hands on experience, and who was your inspiration, or work together for the planet. We were good together. Why is unity absent when our planet is in danger and we need to work for the greater good? I wish them luck.

Other stores have started imitating my brand name (legally registered trademark of MAGICK owned by me) selling similar items and services at Magickal Temple of Jyotica Verma/ Thea or Magick of Healing by Leesha Punjabi and numerous other shops imitating registered TM against law since 2014 willingly as they know I am away. But at least they are on good terms with me and not negative. I did not say anything to them about branding although I could have.

A student Sshivani Kathuria (Dr. Sshivani Kathuria who people say is also into evil magic Aghora against rules of Wicca) started a similar shop Wiccan Altar and asked me to give items worth 35000 rs on credit and returned neither items nor money since 2010 and was insolent and unashamed. I have not met her since then. Besides Aghora tantra is a dirty, unhygenic and evil practice of harming others and not aligned with Wiccan ethics.

Ethics have always been weak in magical communities full of warlocks and demons in every corner, trying to steal my copyright course material, Book of Shadows, or authored works and pass it on for free to others during Tarot India Network meetups and events under the table, for example in order to copy the courses and present them as their own with no credit to original author, myself.

All this caused me loss as I was not supported by any family member and my late army officer father had died in 2002 leaving my family poor and struggling economically. Due to economic hardships my younger sister died in 2017 after lack of success in career and living in a 1 bed flat with 4 other adult family members since 1995 in Mumbai when our father retired ftom army as an officer. When I was finally gaining a very small bit of success these students and employees have hurt me and my family incredibly causing 💔 even more misfortunes.

So many such students responsible for my downfall are sadly remembered. No I do not forget the harm. I may not be angry, but I remember very well and the harm some of you did with your cunning nature will return your way as I do not accept the harm any more. I have suffered enough.

So I give it all back to you all those who harmed me financially, mentally and subject me to poverty.
It’s your karma. It is squarely your fault if you are unethical and cheap. A victim should never be blamed.


Swati Prakash

Earth Healing Network


(Formerly Earth Healing Temple of Global Wicca Tradition and Tarot India Network hosted at Magick store, Bandra west, Mumbai, owned by me. Now Earth Healing Network in UK)

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