I know its called AskSwati.com, but even before a Question is asked my tarot cards and the Vedic astro birthchart usually tell me their question, and this has happened each time for so many years of my life. Each time they arrive in a meeting booked by them, they might say,

“You’ve hit the nail on the head.”

“It’s exactly my question.”

That’s what I wanted to ask really but how did you know?”

Throught the time they talk to me every card picks up the image of what they are going through and the exact healing they need is always channelled by me, with the spirit guiding me on which cards and healing method to use. Its unsurprising because it is deserved by them.

The people who I help are brilliant and amazing because they know that they will only attract the best possible healing that the universe can give.

(Pic, a very old customer review published in Times group newspaper)

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