We are in a Matrix but can we Wake Up?

We are in a matrix. Its a simulation.

In this system we are forced to believe we were born to exploit and abuse others to have nutrition, kill to eat, have dairy, exploit humans by using their labour to make money, sell useless items to make money, make more babies and spread to all parts of earth, in cold countries where we need fuel, do jobs for companies by travelling around, use earth and all its minerals, metals, wood, water, soil for us, ruin everything and our health, then the matrix reloads itself through climate change movement. Its all part of a system, an evil program.

Truth is its a false reality, a dreamworld where our mind makes lies appear real. We are bound to it through fear. We are sleeping ..this is not our real body. Who brought us in here? Akashic records or data producing a story of life and past lives? False memories? Illusion…

We are in a lucid dream surrounded by holographic thought projections. In a dream your body and others are not real. Your real body is sleeping. You believe in this dream..it feels real.

You are unable to snap out as if you are controlled, you know it yet there is no waking up. They want you to earn moneyโ€ฆto perform something for them in this dream. You are awake in the dream. Forced to be a slave. To work for income.

We all are one mind. We are controlled. Why?

Because we are not meditating to awaken. They teach us meditating to sleep, to relax, to allow, to accept, to attract your desire, to get job, business growth, partners, relationships by law of attraction, affirmations. Another program. Temptation, force, demons. Thoughts create reality. Universe is negative because we believe so. Why doesn’t it change instantly then through positive belief. Can we fly like we do in some dreamworld? What has kept me down or brought me down?

Or is it a programmed reality? One where negative energy beings are controlling us all? Can we ascend again? Can I fly in this world too if its a dream? Or simply wake up and leave the Matrix altogether? Is there a meditation to awaken?

Don’t yawn, don’t go back to sleep mind. Don’t say 5 more minutesโ€ฆand snore awayโ€ฆ Awaken!

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