Crystal Magick: The Power to Energize, Protect and Heal

Who does not remember the crystal cave of Superman, his fortress of solitude where he learnt who he is, spoke to his otherworldly parents and received his amazing powers. Such a cave was discovered a thousand feet below earth in south Mexico with giant crystals in the year 2000.

We all have used quartz clocks and watches including our computers that regulate time using the precise frequency oscillations of the mineral. Yet the spiritual powers of crystals have been noted since ages across earth by those who meditate and feel the peace, power and positive energy in nature, especially in crystals.

The most popular spiritual application of natural stones and crystals is in the form of jewelry. Wearing crystal jewelry can be both fashionable and therapeutic at the same time. Whether a rare and precious diamond or a common rock quartz, you can experience healing and positive energy in merely keeping these stones close to you on a regular basis over a period of time. Contrary to the fears spread by Indian Vedic astrologers relating to the ‘adverse’ effects of stones if worn without their consultation, in truth stones only take away negative energy and bestow positive vibrations upon the bearers. The ‘adverse’ effect some people feel are actually part of their fears and blockages being released and healed.

Not only does wearing these stones help in multiple ways, holding and meditating with crystals can bring great peace, clear the mind, reduce stress and pain, amplify positive thoughts and stimulate intuition.

For instance gazing into a clear quartz crystal ball is something you would expect a clairvoyant to do when he or she is trying to see your future. This is because gazing into the clear surface of the stone, in combination with the meditative function of the natural crystal will help open the third-eye chakra or the psychic center in each person’s mind.

Crystals with naturally pointed tips are believed to be helpful in directing the mental vibrations towards amplification. In other words you can manifest your wishes just like a magic wand that points and projects your dreams at your will.A variety of crystal points are used for a plethora of healing purposes, whether to find a soulmate or twin-flame, or to record memories, access past lives, or charge and energize other objects with an intention.

Also contrary to the false beliefs spread by some astrologers and jewelers, if you notice any natural inclusions or minerals within your stones or crystals, they are most likely adding power to the stone, or giving it an additional energy. It does not actually reduce the spiritual value of the stone although jewelers would price clearer stones much higher. Crystals with natural rainbows, phantoms, fossils, angels or buddhas inside are not unheard of. A metaphysical store is your best bet in finding natural crystals and stones of power.

Another important thing of keep in mind is whether the stone is artificially cut and polished or natural and raw. While a jeweler would charge you more for brilliant cuts and shine in stones, for spiritual purposes, raw and natural rocks are often considered very positive as they directly ground and connect your with nature in its purest form. The natural shapes and colors of many stones can be truly beautiful and worth appreciating. Steer clear of artificially colored or laboratory made stones if you wish to access the healing of nature.

You can also place stones of appropriate sizes in various areas of your home or office to improve feng-shui or energize your spaces. For instance a bowl of mixed tumbled stones, or large geodes, rocks and clusters or pyramids, obelisks or various structures made of these stones.

Various minerals give natural stones an array of wonderful colors that can connect with each chakra and heal each chakra thereby creating positive effects in various areas of life. You can choose the stone that you need at any point of time, by either following your intuition and letting your heart decide what pulls you, or by following the simple code below:

Black to dark brown stones: Cleanse away negative energy and protect from harm. Planet Ketu for liberation. Examples: Shungite, Tourmaline, Hematite, Black Onyx, Black Agate, Hawk’s eye, Tiger’s eye, Camel agate, leopard Jasper, Dalmitian Jasper

Brown to reddish-brown stones: Ground and energize root chakra to strengthen and nourish. Planet Rahu for energy. Examples: Garnet, Hessonite, brown to red Jasper, Smokey Quartz

Pink to orange stones: Stimulate creativity, sensuality and romance with the sacral chakra. Planet Mars for passion. Examples: Coral, Carnelian, Fire Opal, Fire agate, orange Chalcedony, orange Selenite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz

Yellow to golden stones: Attract success, luck and prosperity through the solar chakra. Planet Sun for power. Examples: Citrine, yellow Topaz, yellow Sapphire, Calcite, gold Pyrite, gold Lodestone

Green stones: Open heart chakra and encourage kindness, generosity and love. Planet Venus for compassion. Examples: green Jade, green Aventurine, Peridot, green Tourmaline, Amazonite, green Turquoise, green Aquamarine, green Flurite, Chrysocolla

Blue stones: Help in positive self expression through career and communication with throat chakra healing. Planet Mercury for mental expression. Examples: blue Topaz, blue Agate, blue Turquoise, blue Aquamarine

Indigo stones: Open the third eye and improve psychic and intuitive faculties as well as ability to concentrate and manifest. Planet Saturn for focus. Examples: Lapiz Lazuli, Sodalite, Blue Sapphire, Kyanite, Iolite, Tanzanite

Purple or violet stones: Connect with our crown chakra or spiritual center to help experience peace, awakening and self-realization. Planet Jupiter for wisdom. Examples: Amethyst, Lepidolite, Kunzite, purple Jasper, purple Flurite, Sugilite, Charoite

White to clear stones: Help in amplifying mental vibrations, clear the mind, soothe and calm, heal all chakras and project intentions. Planet Moon for wish fulfillment. Examples: Selenite, Clear Quartz, Pearl, Moonstone, Opal, Mother of pearl, Snow quartz, Optical Calcite

NOTE: Remember that the planetary and chakra correspondences of the stones are for knowing the basic power of the stone. Do not let astrological fears dominate you or prevent you from using healing crystals. It is not planets or stones that cause adverse effects in your life but your own blockages regarding those areas of your life that they represent, and which the stones are actually healing over time and in combination with your intention. Meditation and energy healing techniques will be the right ways to crystal magick.

Swati Prakash

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