God is a Fool

I’ve got the feeling there’s nothing to feel

All I know for real is that nothing is real

I woke up again to find myself asleep

The world was a hollow-gram in a void deep

I was dreaming the dream that they called universe

Both seen and unseen, the heard and unheard

The people, and places, all creatures and things

Subconscious and conscious, my mind’s own off-springs

All mere characters in this dream that I see

Yes, all of you people, including this me

All playing their roles in this great pantomime

Not knowing the meaning of life, space or time

Searching for reasons and great explanations

Through science and religion, both myths of creation

For the end of knowledge and the point of beginning

The right ways of dying, the right ways of living

Yet just the same being in each incarnation

In every person, each planet, each nation

Was dreaming these dreams in each dream of one night

Still waiting and sleeping until morning light

As I try to wake up from this grand illusion

This Fool is no longer in love with delusion

The hero was zero and always will be

Twisting and dancing as loop infinity

Awake and asleep at the very same time

A Fool merely dreaming that she is Divine!


Swati Prakash

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