Hope for Little African ‘Witches’..and the TRUTH about Witchcraft

Many of you might be aware that in many countries, especially in Africa, women as well as kids have been branded ‘witches’ and abused or killed due to the misconception that they can curse or harm.

This little boy of barely two years old for example was found roaming hungry and naked for eight months! The family abandoned him and left him to die because they thought he was a ‘witch’. Emaciated and riddled by worms he was surviving on scraps thrown by passersby. Thanks to the efforts of Anja Ringgren Lovén from Denmark, he was rescued and is now healthy and safe and is named ‘Hope’.

The problem is not a belief in ‘witchcraft’ but a false belief in ‘evil witches’ and the tendency to discriminate against those accused of being so.

Witchcraft is a much misunderstood word and is not at all related to cursing or evil. Due to widespread fears and ignorance many innocent women and kids have been hurt and killed in the pretext of witch-hunting for several centuries all over the world, be it medieval Europe or modern Africa and India. Today we all are realizing that everyone creates and manifests their own life and there is nothing supernatural or evil about ‘witchcraft’ which was simply a name for folk-remedies, herbal healing and ancient shamanism in the past.

In the ancient world the words witch or wizard simply meant ‘wise men and women’ who could help people with their problems using spiritual advise. Whether in ancient India, rest of Asia, Africa, Native America or ancient Europe, astrology spells and natural healing has been practiced as something positive and useful. The below video explains how the practice of blaming and killing people labelled as witches began in western Europe.

The ideas of ‘evil witches’ sadly spread to the rest of the world, including Asia and Africa where harmless women and kids have suffered in modern times, wrongly accused for causing bad luck, disasters, and illnesses in families and communities.

According to Safechildafrica.com, a charity that helps African kids accused as ‘witches’, ‘It is thought that the child has been put under a spell and given the power to wreak havoc. This is a belief that cuts across all tiers of society. Some churches and Nigerian movies also play a major role in spreading this belief. And there are many so-called pastors who brand children as witches and then charge extortionate fees to ‘exorcise’ them.’

On one hand in many countries witchcraft is today being as a religious and spiritual path based on positive thinking and nature based healing, especially as Wicca which is a modern religion based on witchcraft that Harms None. Yet, on the other hand media including Hollywood as well as common news media has still been wrongly depicting witches as well as Wiccan rituals as evil, adding to the confusions and misunderstandings all over the world.

Some people being influenced by such media hype, have been trying to make a quick buck or gain popularity by projecting themselves falsely as professional ‘witches’ who can be paid to ‘cast a spell ON’ or ‘curse someone’, or to ‘enchant someone’…both being things that are not wisdom magick and hence not real or actual witchcraft.

While we must rescue and help little kids such as ‘Hope’ above, we also have to deal with the bigger picture – about eradicating false fears regarding witchcraft and helping people gain more spiritual awareness about positive thinking, meditation and real spiritual healing as the real ways to magically improve our life. By creating positive awareness we can save more lives and improve the way women and kids are treated in the world today.

Meanwhile you can contribute to these charities that help African kids accused of witchcraft today and save some precious little lives:




  • Real witchcraft is based on inner wisdom or spiritual awareness
  • Real witchcraft is no longer about cursing or harming anyone
  • Real witchcraft is no longer about attracting a man or woman to you
  • Real witchcraft is about nature based healing and natural spirituality
  • Real witchcraft is not about casting spells upon others or on behalf of others
  • Everything is self-created, stop blaming others for cursing you
  • Real witchcraft is about YOUR inner spiritual power used for improving YOUR life YOURSELF
  • Real witchcraft is not a special supernatural power found in some people
  • We all have this NATURAL inner power to create our own life!!
  • Yes, YOU ARE A WITCH! and its a good thing to be!

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author

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