Seven Reasons for Being More Spiritual

On one hand we have seen people who are purely materialistic and for whom the physical world observed through the five outer senses is all there is. Yet, on the other hand we have spiritualists who believe that the outer perceivable world is mere illusion while the truth is hidden within. In this internet driven corporate world, why should you try learning and practicing spirituality at all, when success is measured through the size of your material achievements? Well, it turns out that those who are purely material are prone to losing their health, wealth, happiness and success all too easily, while those who are spiritual seem to have blissful lives even with a modest lifestyle.

Here are 7 powerful ways that spirituality can transform our lives forever…in a way that materialism never can:

PROTECTING FROM THE NEGATIVE: At the base of it we all have to deal with our fears that manifest in the form of various negative situations and experiences around us. Spirituality teaches us that everything that happens on the outside has an inner cause,even those things that seem to be happening to us through others. Therefore if anything negative has been observed anywhere in our life, the source is most likely to be an inner fear that caused it. Release that fear and replace it with trust…that’s the way to peace. Being spiritual helps us by transforming our fears into love because we know that everything has its source deep within us. This way no matter how much the negativity that surround us we know that if we find peace within we shall be just fine.

  1. ATTRACT POSITIVE EXPERIENCES: Just as we know that fears caused our sorrows, we know that positive thoughts and emotions will bring us positive experiences with equal certainty. Spiritual secrets can surely help bring us more abundance, real love, lasting peace, joy and success in anything that is positive for our whole self. The moment we shift our focus to inner peace and start feeling better it begins to create all good things that our soul truly desires us to have. We might find that we are effortlessly attracting a better quality of friends, relationships, opportunities and situations than ever before and we accept them with open arms.
  2. PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT: It is ignorance that makes us feel vulnerable, pitiable, sad, hurt or victimized. A spiritually aware and enlightened soul knows that every moment there is infinite energy within at all times. The awareness of what lies within us expands our inner power to the extent that we can help ourselves anytime. Whether it is our physical or monetary health, career or personal goals, there is less of dependency on others and more self-reliance. We know that an inner switch can change everything for the better and that we can manifest our life with our own choices at any point of time as we keep brimming with limitless positive energy.
  3. DEEPER HEALING: Spiritual energy connects our mind, body and soul together seamlessly as we know that everything is ultimately woven with threads of spiritual energy alone. Since this positive energy is the source of all there is its enhanced flow can heal everything at every level of our being. The moment we shift our focus to the spiritual through meditative state, an enhanced flow of spiritual energy is triggered and staying in this peaceful radiant state continues healing us from inside out. From physical to social life, from home to all of earth, spiritual healing helps everything and everyone in a tremendous way.
  4. AWARENESS: Learning the truth and sharing the truth that we have learnt help us in expanding our consciousness and that of the universe. The remarkable fact is that as our consciousness expands it helps in expanding the consciousness of everything around us too. This consciousness when awakened is the power that transforms the entire world for the better. Whether through books or discourses, workshops or seminars, we know that amazingly wise teachers and masters will find us eventually and we will be equally enlightened provided we follow and practice what we have learnt with total dedication.
  5. SIDDHIS: Once we attain a higher state of consciousness and learn more about who we are, it increases our magickal and psychic powers in several ways. Through spiritual practice and inner focus we awaken our natural yet latent superpowers that are a necessary part of our spiritual awakening. We not only realize but actualize our multi-dimensional, infinite nature. In time we know that there is absolutely nothing that can be called impossible because we become masters of the illusion of life, rising above all of it. We are no longer limited by anything around us and ready for the next level of awakening.
  6. MOKSHA: The highest possible reason for being spiritual is that it sets you free from all illusion. Contrary to what you might have been told before, relinquishing desire may not lead to liberation but to deeper blockage or repression. The right way to be liberated from all desires is to find a deeper contentment. At this greater level of spiritual progress there is little else that you would seek. Imagine that you could have just about anything in the world right now…yet you feel that you have everything already…in-fact in a very real way, you know that you already ARE everything. With nothing more to want or seek, nothing left to crave for, you are ready to be permanently liberated from the illusory nature of the world process and be one with your ultimate truth.

(*) Swati Prakash

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and teacher. Her writings can be found on

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