Chakras and the Sacred Seeds of Manifestation

Our chakras are the energy centers that link our inner and outer worlds together. It is through our chakra wheels that we manifest our inner energies in the outer world, through our bodies, our work, our words, our relationships…they form the rainbow bridge that connects our higher and lower self as one. Our chakras are astral convergence points for our numerous ‘naadis’ or energy channels of the subtle body. There may be 7 major chakras but perhaps 70 or more minor chakras can also be identified lying within or beyond our physical human bodies.

Our 7 major chakras are often symbolized in VIBGYOR colours to help us understand their functions better. A syllable or ‘bija mantra’ is also ascribed to each of these chakras helping us energize each area of life that they represent. The word ‘bija’ means seed. Because our chakras project or channel our inner energies into outer existence, the bija mantras associated with each chakra are powerful seeds that manifest our inner divine self into the outer world when chanted.


  1. The lowest of the 7 chakras is the root chakra or ‘mooladhara’ visualized in red color and energized by the intonation of the mantra ‘LAM’. This energy wheel manifests our lower or physical existence as the solid world including our bodies and all the things around us.
  2. The next is our sacral chakra or ‘swadhishthana’ visualized in orange and energized by the intonation of ‘VAM’ to enhance our creativity including the aesthetic, reproductive and sensual side of our existence.
  3. The third chakra is solar or ‘manipura’ visualized in yellow and energized with the ‘bija mantra RAM’ to help us be powerful, successful in asserting our will, with a healthy sense of ‘self’.
  4. In the middle our heart chakra ‘anhata’ helps us expand our self to connect with the rest of the world through the power of love and compassion. It is visualized in the colour green and empowered through the ‘bija mantra YAM’.
  5. Our throat chakra or ‘vishuddha’ is visualized in blue light and connected with the intonation of ‘HAM’ to help us express clearly and truthfully to understand and be understood in our world.
  6. The third eye or ‘agya chakra’ has an indigo hue to describe its deeper power of intuition and magick and its ‘bija mantra’ is ‘SHAM’.
  7. Higher up around the top of our head our ‘sahasrara’ or crown chakra resonates the frequencies of universal or infinite power through the color violet and the mantra ‘OM’

Notice that each of these ‘bija mantras’ end with AM, you can see this as a declaration of manifestation…of being and becoming…and that is why I call them seeds of manifestation through which the divine self (call it ‘I AM’ if you will), is brought to life from the nothingness of empty space into our perceivable universe.

But what about the first part of each of these seven seeds of manifestation…..The La of LAM, the Ra of RAM, the Va of VAM, the Ya of YAM, the Ha of HAM, the Sh of SHAM, the O of OM…do they mean anything specific? These are what they mean to me and perhaps you would be able to feel their resonance with you as well:

  • Root Chakra: The La of LAM to me  represents the Lower world. The divine or higher self as the creator loves the lower world which is its own projection or creation and no less holy than the higher heavenly planes. LAM is the Lower La I AM…LAM
  • Sacral Chakra: The Va of VAM is the Wa of the womb of creation, the ‘yin’ or goddess power.. our creative force that helps us enjoy life…as our kundalini’ serpent begins to rise in the dance of life- Wow!…Va I AM….VAM
  • Solar Chakra: The Ra of RAM to me connects with the ‘yang’ principle of the gods Ra or Rama (or any other name you give them) representing individuality, personality or self. Ra the solar power that fires our daily life…this Ra I AM….RAM
  • Heart Chakra: The Ya of YAM is the Yeah, Yes factor…the attitude with which we open our arms and our heart wide enough to accept abundance, giving and receiving fully and seamlessly. Yes of course…Yeah!…Ya I AM….YAM
  • Throat Chakra: The Ha of HAM is the Ha of our laughter…the highest way we can express our inner truth. There is nothing to be sad about as we exhale and let go of all sorrow….ha…let go.. and all that is left to express is sheer joy. Ha! Ha! I AM…HAM
  • Third-eye Chakra: The Sh of SHAM is the Shh of silence…our inner mind takes over to start manifesting from within…through its inner soundless magick as the universe listens telepathically to our silent command … Shh.. I AM…..SHAM
  • Crown Chakra: The O of OM is the Oh! or O’ f self-realization…now it all makes sense…the puzzle falls back together… and all we can say or feel is this moment of utter truth…when all words would fail to describe the infinite reality of our true self…O’ creator who is within… O’! I AM….OM

Sow the sacred seeds of sounds…resonate them all around

Manifest from source to ground…beyond them silence can be found

From higher to lower reality ….in every plane may Blessed you Be!


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