God, Goddess and We

Who is God…

Who is Goddess…

Who am I …

Who are We…

In this world full of religions we need to respect all beliefs, whether monotheistic or polytheistic, atheistic or any other.

In monotheism we find one supreme God who claims that we should not worship anyone else but ‘HIM’ who is perfect in every self-declared way. In polytheism we find all kinds of gods and goddesses…Gods who fall in love ….gods who are sacrificed and die…gods who are reborn…goddesses who are vain…gods who hunt…gods who suffer in pain….goddesses who learn lessons…gods who are exiled…goddesses who burn….goddesses who to earth return. Gods and goddesses going through life, death and rebirths… just like us.

To me monotheism and polytheism are both valid. To me there is one God or Goddess, whatever you call the highest power, and it has several forms too at the same time, all different and similar too in many ways across time and space.

We are all realizing that true unity is possible only with diversity, when no longer does one culture dominate or oppress others. That is why it is so important to see God or Goddess, our own higher self in its many infinite forms and not just as one rigid personality.

When we speak of a God or Goddess who is supreme we no longer refer to one of the limited forms of god as supreme such as some religions had asserted. Instead…what we refer to is the Universe, ever expanding, diverse, set of our experiences of life that are essentially self-created and not at all separate from us.


<em>'Aham Brahmasmi… Tat Tvam Asi'</em>

So basically, I am the Universe …(and by the way) ..you are too…


Yes, the gods and goddesses are we all…. living, learning, suffering and liberating themselves in cycles of being and transforming, changing and growing eternally to every higher states of becoming. Each person, animal, plant, thing, particle or wave…anything that has ever been, anything that is and will ever be…is totally and perfectly divine. We are all several gods and goddesses and One at the same time, all at various stages of self-awareness and self-acceptance. We are the God, the Goddess and we are gods and goddesses…whatever you want to call this energy or this supreme being in its many multiple avatars and forms…collectively as well as individually.

When we are unaware of this truth we carry within us we behave less than perfect, yet the inner part of us..our essence is divine always. In every being…no matter how big or small, how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or even ‘evil’. And the mystery within all of us is so amazingly, and beautifully divine, its a shame that all of us could not recognize it yet.

Imagine a world where every person recognized his or her own inherent divinity.

Just imagine! (and it will be so)

This would be a world free of all evil. A world with so much light, love and happiness…that it will be impossible to even think or imagine anything negative.

Does this sound scary to some of us?

If yes, then it is only our own real Self that we fear.

‘Let go of the fear…. Embrace our inner truth.’ says the voice within. (Can you hear it now?)

So imagine (this time without fear) …a world where we are now at peace…where forgiving each other is absolutely effortless in the realization that we all are just our own projections. When there is supreme bliss in knowing that all that happens in life is just our own subconscious projecting itself.

Peace. Real peace.

Yet we forgot who we are. We imagined our souls to be limited…as ego…as our physical form, or as a string of lifetimes that began ‘somewhere’ tracing our past lives as those few memories from here or there which we picked up again during our past life regression sessions. We thought I was ‘me’ and you were ‘you’ separate, distinct, different people…

Oh come on and remember yourself…all the way…through and through. …not just as a soul with a few past life memories, but as the infinite soul…the soul which is all there is.

So, now…who are you?

When and how did you start, if ever …and when and how will you end?

Someone had once asked…’What is the difference between a dream and reality?…isn’t it just that in a dream you cannot remember how you got there.’

Is our existence any different than a dream if we cannot remember how we got here in the universe in the first place…how the universe (we) got here in the first place…and which ‘here’???…exactly where is this universe? Will science have the answers (ever!) …maybe, maybe not, maybe spirituality does…but where is the proof?

For everything that has a beginning has an end. And you (I) have neither.

Spiritually speaking…it is said that we are all the creation of Brahma who happens to be just a character in a recurring dream emerging from the navel of the consciousness called God who is an aspect of the energy called Goddess that is very simply all there is.

So then Aham Brahmasmi means… I am merely a dream of the divine…and so are you (by the way).

What about the divine me, you, everything…??

Yet the dream is no separate from the dreamer, than your thoughts are from you. Just because the world, you and I are a dream…still… Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi – I am divine and you are too…

Hope we remember it from now onward in each moment of this lucid dream of our life that we call the universe.

Blessed Be!


Swati Prakash

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