Seven Super Strategies for Success


Success is a subjective concept. It is not necessarily about imitating someone else, or about being as rich or famous as a celebrity or a tycoon. Success depends upon how well you achieve your own goals and your own purpose of life. You have a unique purpose that your soul would know better than anyone else. Success is about achieving it in your own way.

Here are some ideas to magnify your own success in amazing ways starting right now:

  1. Know what you want – Yes, the universe does conspire with us to attain our will. Yet there are some people who had never till now thought of writing down their life purpose, and some have not even embarked on a soul-searching journey to find it. Meditate. Find your own purpose and let it come to you from a deep place within yourself in order to be truly authentic.
  2. Focus on your purpose in everything you do, as much as possible – the more you keep in mind your goals in life the better are the chances you will indulge only in those actions that will bring you closer to your goals, without too many distracting forces. Consciously look for opportunities to further your goals everyday, and give it your all without postponing, without excuses and without laziness and say no to wasteful or unnecessary activities. Be dedicated to yourself.
  3. Share your dreams with the right people only. If you talk about your goals or share your dreams with others be sure it is directly helpful to them in some way so that they align to the goal. Also choose only those people who are vibrationally matching with your goals and will not cancel the energy out. You can annouce those accomplishments that have been attained and those projects that have been launched, but there is no need to share your personal unfulfilled wishes with everyone. While your dreams hold a special meaning to you others may be busy in their own goals. Believe in your own power to create your own success as elegantly as possible and nurture your own seeds till they grow. The tree will be fruitful soon.
  4. Be positive in your expression. Speak rarely about your personal problems, grudges or issues with the world, except for those who can directly help you in resolving the issues. Try to go within and achieve your inner healing. Take expert opinion and advise if needed. By criticising, complaining or venting out in public you only bring your energy as well as reputation down. Those people who use social media and blogs to spew negativity and share their frustrations or anger are not the ideal candidates for attracting success. Why not resonate frequencies of love, joy, self-confidence and transformation. Successful people have no time to gossip or cry the world out. They are busy in attaining new positive milestones everyday. They also compliment, encourage and help others out, a lot!
  5. Let your confidence come from a deep self-realization. Feel sure that you can achieve absolutely anything that your soul desires. This is the truth. There is no single thing in this world that any individual cannot achieve if he or she truly believes in it very deeply. If it is indeed meaningful to your soul there will be success some day or the other. Self doubt is something you will need to transform through self-awareness. The more self-realized you are the easier it is for you to believe in your capacity to create.
  6. Stay on the path. Do not abandon your dream just because its not acheived very quickly. You will achieve whatever you dream of as and when you align your frequencies with whatever it is you plan to achieve. This is a process that can take any amount of time depending on your frequency levels and the efforts you take to retune yourself. Almost every person who is successful has worked on self-programming in some or the other way. Work on what is within you and it will surely be true in your outer life. Your dream will come alive in amazing ways.
  7. Focus on the good. Be loving and generous with others as well as yourself, and let not anything make you feel negative. If there is one top quality that high achievers have, it is to be supremely positive at all times in their thoughts, their words, their actions and also in their inner feelings. The ability to choose your vibrational state is always there within you. Learn how to modulate your vibrations to an extent that not only do you prevent anything negative from affecting your energy levels, you also stay brimming with high energy to spread all around. Even when there is criticism, rejection or any negative feedback those who are highly successful have reached there by taking all these as opportunities to improve, learn and do even better, instead of reacting and feeling perturbed. Keep reminding yourself that you are fantastic and will keep doing better and better day after day regardless of what others say.

All this may sound like a tall order for some of us, while for others it is just a matter of saying – ‘Yes, I can do it!’ Hope it is the latter in your case.

Success is a choice you are now ready to make right now!

All the best.

(*) Swati Prakash

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and magickal guide.

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