Going Retro…into 2016

Time, the great illusion is (like everything else) here to teach us many things. The past is not gone until we learn our lessons from it. Problems that repeat again and again in our life are telling us to review our past and grasp the lesson so as to heal that part of us for good.

Once the lessons from the past are learnt the problems stop recurring.

Retrograde planetary period symbolise energy going back into the past in the form of the retrograding planet that appears to move backwards as observed from earth. While Sun and Moon never go retrograde (they represent known and unknown self) Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde (they represent Karmic issues carried from past into the present until liberation). The rest of the planets seem to go retrograde from time to time, with Mercury being the most frequent (mercury represents thoughts of mind, travel and communication). This year 2016, there are significant retrogrades besides Mercury, especially Jupiter (represents spiritual wisdom and luck), Saturn (represents boundaries and rules) and Mars (represents initiatives, agression and actions).

As you can see in the above illustration, the zodiac signs where the planets are situated or transiting through are as per the Vedic astrology. You may find that western zodiac messages are predominant all over the internet even though their calculations are considered inaccurate and outdated. The sidereal or Vedic signs are preferred by those who wish to be more in sync with the actual astronomical placement of planets. So while the western asrologers will say Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius right now, the Vedic astrologer says its in Capricorn. Its suggested you stick to the Vedic placements and transits and do not get confused with all the other conflicting data from all over the world.

What does the retrograde mean specifically to you: You have to see what your vedic astrology birth chart looks like first. See which house the zodiac in question represents and also check the various aspects made by the planet to see which other houses are affected. It is best to order a specific reading consultation for clear and accurate analysis than merely follow whatever you are reading in the media as generic predictions, especially for the western signs.

Retrograde of Mercury usually manifests as delays in travel, redoing of plans, reassessment, communication setbacks, past worries returning to be healed again.

Retrograde of Jupiter could bring in karmic lessons to enhance our wisdom, or perhaps past karma whether negative or postive will return all together as a twist of fate in your life. Past life messages and gurus from the previous births might reappear.

Retrograde of Saturn represents past justice or injustice issues returning in the present and a need to gain inner self-discipline, release from any harmful habits and attachments. Obstacles of the past if still lingering in your subconscious can be no longer ignored as they scream for attention.

Retrograde of Mars can bring back the blast from the past, to help you deal with any anger, aggression or strong passionate energies from the past or from past lives as they re-emerge into consciousness.

Reflect on the meaning of the planet, what it indicates as it transits with respect to YOUR UNIQUE BIRTHCHART AS A WHOLE and not just for your sunsign or rashi. Check how this planet is connected to various aspects and areas of your life through its transits, placements and aspects for each house of your chart.

Remedies focus on letting go, forgiving, releasing the baggage from the past in order to reduce any negativity experienced during retrograde periods. Past life therapy, past life healing rituals and positive affirmations designed to let go and release unwanted energies are best.

Remember through the power of NOW you can heal everything and be successful, healthy and happy in every way regardless of any planetary movements. Be firmly established in your inner truth through meditation.

Blessed Be

(*) Swati Prakash

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