The Importance of Meditation for those into Witchcraft and Magick

If there was just ONE thing that I would suggest someone who wishes to be magickally powerful and spiritually enlightened…it would be meditation.

Its free…you can do it yourself, alone, without any rigorous training.

Its simple…just relax and observe yourself, your breath, your thoughts, the silence in between thoughts, keep it up… and sooner or later…all thoughts will slowly dissapear and you will be in a state of phenomenal peace and bliss. Whether it takes, days, months or years a daily practice goes a long way to find lasting inner silence.

You can meditate anytime…anyplace…wearing whatever is comfortable….there are simply no strict rules. In the beginning you can close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes in a silent place. Increase the duration slowly to at least an hour a day…and you will enjoy it so much that you will try and spend maximum time in this state.

It will be your second nature after a few years of daily practice…so much so that you will be in a meditative state of self-realization and enlightenment permanently. You will be in a state of constant awareness, whether you are doing something or not, whether with others or alone, whether in a quiet place or in a noisy crowd.

Now how is all this linked to magick and witchcraft?

Aren’t magick and witchcraft about wearing fancy robes and headgears and playing with all those crafty tools such as wands and athames …brooms and cauldrons.

Basically isn’t witchcraft a bit more fun?

Well…if I think about it very deeply the answer is no.

Witchcraft and magick are NOT about playing dress up to entertain yourself and others through fantastic ceremonies and rituals. And meditative work is so much fun, you would much rather do it all the time….You can combine meditation with almost all spells and rituals for best results.

Witchcraft has always been since ancient times a healing craft. The purpose is spiritual healing. I know that since the 20th century witchcraft has become much more popular as a kind of ceremonial magic rooted in the west, yet throughtout ancient times, wise men and women across the world who healed and gave guidance to people were always deeply aware of the spirit and highly powerful through their soul. There were ceremonies and rituals, yes, but that was to induce a trance state to make the healing deeper and more sensory, more tangible – for the crowds who required healing and the new initiates who were being trained.

These rituals and ceremonies if done without the presence of an aware and enlightened master are just not as useful. The person conducting the healing has to have a deeply awakened soul. Then only will the right positive energy be transferred from the master to the seekers.

It is only through a crystal clear consciousness that we can be a true channel of divine spirit. That is the only real power. Without this magick would be dark, ignorant, negative or weak in power, with hardly any benefit to anyone. Infact ignorant magical practices such as curses or hate spells could do more harm than good both to the practitioner and the recepient. Powerful magick is rooted in the awareness that ‘As Within So Without’ – that we all are creators of our reality and all our inner energy manifests outside in numerous aspects of our life. The more positive our inner energy the more it is of benefit to ourselves and the world.

Also we have to remember that in the past, many tribes and native cultures were developing spiritually. Shamans and seers, healers and witches were born with their powers simply because they had done some spiritual work and meditation in their past lives. Still, there was training in meditative trance, dream-working, understanding the symbolisms of the inner mind…past life healing and energy work to some extent. This formed the base of shamanic and native folk magic in many societies. In addition there was a knowledge of local herbs, stones and animal totems which helped the healer give something more tangible to help the receipient accept the healing through a solid object or special rituals.

The world has just reawakened in the later half of the 20th century or so…thanks to a fusion of eastern and western spirituality. People are much more self-realized than before and magick is becoming increasingly simple and unbelievably so.

Today we have meditators who can create magic with simple intentions or affirmations faster than you would take to fetch your wand. Let’s face it, the more spiritually evolved a society becomes, the less occult and less complex its magickal power. Also the more our civilisation evolves, the brighter and more positive its magick becomes. No longer are people interested in cursing and harming each other and not longer are they attached to lowly desires of acquiring a person of their choice. Enlightenment is far too common now as compared to before.

More and more people find peace, happiness, prosperity, inner-joy, love and wellbeing through enlightened magick which is the hallmark of today’s awakened world.

Science and spirit unite today and magick is no longer just ‘occult mumbo-jumbo’. Everyone talks of quantum science and vibrational energy… everyone speaks of mind-matter connection and the matrix theory of simulated universe. It won’t be very long…till we have all the answers.

Today witches, wizards and magickal folk of the past are reborn as the modern spiritual scientists and healers of contemporary times.

Whether or not we call ourselves witches or magicians, every one of us has an immense magickal power within that can be further awakened through inner work and meditation. If we want to be effective as magickal healers or witches, it will do us well to meditate and sharpen our inner power than to merely tinker around with outer objects in our magickal work.

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Blessed Be


Swati Prakash

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