There is Winter!

In every ending, there is new beginning

Each moment renews every thing, every being

In life there is death and in death there is life,

For here comes old winter of red, green and white

Young springtime and summer could never be whole

All colours exist in this rainbow of soul

All darkness is light made of hidden vibration

The secret of joy is our own inspiration

For nothing exists that is not from within

The song of creation is our own to sing

Sadness or gladness are only our choice

The voice of divine is our own inner voice

As under the mistletoe’s poisonous fruit

Sweet kisses are stolen without a dispute

There is something quite good in each thing if we see

Let hope spring eternal like evergreen trees

May our hearts never shrink in the season of cold

May every soul find inner treasures of gold

In deep snow and ice there is warmth, love and cheer

To give and receive every year after year

Life is a gift made of endless delight

When darkness discovers the blessing of light


Swati Prakash


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