Are We Playing The Game of Life?


(The World Card – Legacy of Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti)

Today I landed on a small ‘super-mario’ style video my son was watching for a minute and I observed how similar our life in this World is to this kind of play.

In many of these gaming videos we get to begin our journey with a lower level challenge. We enjoy overcoming the hurdles, and the whole idea is to stay alive while gathering all those points or powers that we can. In case we die we are reborn so that we can once again attempt to cross the level we left incomplete when we died. The levels go on and on to endless complexities until we have had enough of play and no longer seek any more.

Now picture your your life as one such game where you assume a character and start on a journey that goes on life after life merely to help you learn how to encounter various challenges, enjoy overcoming the hurdles and collect all your karma (points) when you do really well.

In our game of life our good deeds are our karma points while our self-destructive behaviors lead to our struggles and rebirths life after life. We are born and reborn into higher levels and planes of operation depending on how much we learn.

But consider these questions

  • Who is the programmer of your game of life – an outer force or the self?
  • Who assigns all these character and roles you encounter, including your own?
  • Who has created the rules of the game?
  • Are other characters and objects (whether friends or enemies) all ultimately here to support your game of life?
  • What all have you learnt and are willing to learn?
  • What degree of power do you have in the game of your life?
  • To what extent are your own focus and will power being used in your game of life to improve your play?
  • How deeply engrossed are you in the game of your life to even forget it is a game?
  • Do you feel disheartened or start all over giving yourself a new chance each time you are down?
  • If you feel like giving up out of sheer frustration, will the game end forever or will it go on until you learn life after life?
  • Are you having fun, or are you suffering in this game?
  • Most importantly – with this awareness – that it is ultimately nothing more than a game, how do you feel?
  • What would you do after you learn that it is all a self-simulated game – would you keep playing on and on into the endless levels and if yes, until when?
  • What is the whole reason or purpose of your play (not just the objective set in the game, but the reason you ever began playing in the first place?)

I wish you all the joy, peace and liberation through your self-realization.

Blessed Be

Swati Prakash

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