I have tried all of this – is totally possible gets easier by the day if you would just begin now.

  • Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly several times daily – every few minute/ always – focus on breath and be with your breath. Oxygen keeps cells healthy. Lack of oxygen causes anaerobic cell growth leading to cancers, other diseases and ageing.
  • Close eyes and relax very often – every few minutes daily – in between while listening, talking, etc. Meditative state will help absorb good energy to balance the energy leaving you constantly – this will help in health gain and stop drainage
  • Don’t think all the time – give your mind a break – just enjoy and relax. Thinking less will help reduce drainage of energy and help in gaining health as well as conserving energy
  • Speak very less – speak slowly and softly in low voice, listen calmly, observe nod and smile – do not debate and discuss too much. Being forceful causes many stress disorders and diseases – heart problems, blood pressure – be more gentle and calm. Reacting less will reduce drainage of energy in unnecessary things
  • If anything is wrong just relax and say positive affirmations in your own mind to change it – talking, arguing or fighting is not required at all. When inner work and magick are there why take the effort to struggle and fight. Less struggle = better health and success
  • Appreciate and compliment often – criticise, gossip and complain very less or not at all. Good and healthy energy circulates through us when joyful and thankful. Negative energy circulates when we are upset or unhappy.
  • Do not worry about anyone or self. Worry increases stress and causes illness. It can never solve anything. Only constructive and positive thoughts can improve anything.
  • Do not feel guilty to accept, take or receive from others or yourself. The universe loves you and wants you to be happy. Only happy people can be any good to the world.
  • Enjoy and relax OUTDOORS in NATURE daily. Nature cures most illnesses and conditions. Being trapped indoors causes many ill conditions.
  • Spend equal or time off computer and phones than online – go gadget free often. Microwave radiations cause many illnesses if in excess– including wifi and gadgetary rays – use in moderation.
  • Eat slowly with mouth closed and without talking – focus only on the food and you. Gulping air due to talking and chomping can interfere with digestion. Focusing on ‘food and you’ can help absorb the best from the meal, getting more from less and reducing intake of food automatically.
  • Have clean water when thirsty – NOT juice/ NOT beer or alcohols/ NOT soft drinks. Nothing can substitute water. All other drinks contain artificial sugars and negative and stale energy that cause many diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.
  • Have no or less coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, etc. No smoking and avoid passive smoking. Caffeine, nicotine and sugars cause many health hazards and are totally unnecessary in life.
  • Have NATURAL organic food, raw fruits, less cooked veggies and salads. DON’T HAVE processed and highly cooked foods – from market or homemade. Processing and cooking destroys the natural healing qualities of food and adds harmful sugars, excess salts and spices as well as preservatives and chemicals at times
  • Eat less or no milk, eggs, chicken, meat, ghee, butter, chocolate, ice-cream and also less or no root veggies such as onion, ginger, garlic etc. Animal products have bad karma as they are created by killing animals while plants do not usually die unless pulled by root. Milk industry also kills male calves and older cows to add to bad karma. Bad karma can cause diseases and other stressful problems in life leading to illnesses
  • Love yourself and also everyone and everything. We are all one! In everyone see yourself.

Affirm: I am now in a state of perfect health – naturally, constantly and effortlessly!
Focus on and keep – the Temperance card of Tarot – stands for inner balance, healing, health, calmness, inner work, moderation and inner focus and is connected with Archangel Raphael who embodies the healing energy of our universe.

Temperance - RWS deck
Temperance card of Rider Waite SmithTarot

Thank you for reading and sharing this article.

Swati Prakash

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