Isis Peace Spell

Spells are not only for healing of self but also for healing our shared reality. In this world we are all interconnected at the deepest level. Through each other we are healing the self. We all are capable of sending positive energy to the globe for the purpose of Earth Healing.

It is also very necessary that we do NOT repeat negative words, images or concepts in our minds for this healing to be effective. Whatever we think of, say and imagine, we will strengthen. Refuse to accept negative news as the present reality – always remember news is all about the past – of what all happened until now. Now is a magickal time when anything can change instantly. Put all negative events in the past and imagine that they have all transformed into something amazingly positive. Focus only and only on the improved reality which is being created right now – a reality of a peaceful and happy earth. There is only one reason negative situations occurred in the past – due to our ignorance of how and why we must manifest good. The only reason we are all here on earth is to make it a better place.


Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of healing, love, renewal, reincarnation and intuition.
Visualise her in the full moon flooding the earth with her peaceful silvery light. Light a silver or white candle if it helps you visualise the same. Feel the healing absorbed into all people of earth and a sense of calm and interconnection in all hearts. Send this light specially to all war affected or terror stricken areas and ask the goddess Isis to bring peace.

Feel the halo engulf whole of earth and shining brightly to spread all over the cosmos. Then feel the light absorb into the globe as you speak the words:

“Goddess Isis of love, peace and healing,
with your light this earth I am sealing,
bless and keep us safe and calm,
take away all hate or harm,
across the earth, fire, wind and sea,
by the power of goddess Isis blessed be”

Whenever you hear or see any news that seems disturbing do feel these words within at any time in the future as well. Together we can make a difference.
Do invite all you know to join in this prayer/ spell.

Blessed Be

Swati Prakash

2 thoughts on “Isis Peace Spell

  1. Hello swati, I’m joining with u to make the world peaceful. I already do send healings to the world. But there seem to b a problem. I give energies but I don’t feel like I’m recieving any. It’s been seven years now since I’m studying n trying to understand the ways of nature n nature of god. Being a humanitarian, I tend to help anyone in neet in the way I can, I feel like an empath. Like somehow I’m taking their problems n making them mine. I’m not doing good in my life. I mean, since I easily see the evil in others n therefore there r no true friend. Since the last seven years or eight, problems in my life r increasing day by day. I’m much like u. I’m a follower of the old religion. My motive is also to make people aware n united as one. I hope u can help me out with that. I believe in u. Blessed be.

    1. Thanks. You are doing great. Try to do a simple spell to transform the negative energy you absorbed…just light a purple candle and affirm “only positive energy flows through me from now on” and send any heavy energy to earth for recycling. You will surely have a few good friends.

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