The Resurrection

There was once a time when people worshipped nature and its various forces, deified in the form of gods and goddesses of every kind. We all belong to that era in our soul. Somewhere we may have forgotten our past, but we can never truly shake it off. Even if we did convert into any of the popular modern faiths through time, the call of the soul is one which remains strong across our past lives, redirecting us to the time when we had faith in everything and celebrated all.

Ancient faith through modern times slowly faded away at least in the western world, its monuments preserved as ruins of archaeological interest, where tourists can take photographs today. Look at the ancient temples and sites at Greece for example. It hurts to see that there is hardly any sacred ritual of worship conducted at those sites that once were awesome places of power and magick. And somewhere I feel great pride and satisfaction to be born in my present incarnation in India, the magickal land where history survives strong and ancient faith still shines brightly in every nook and corner in the form of millions of temples and deities that we can interact with and enjoy working with at any time. 

Today at Lughnasad, unplanned and totally unexpectedly I was somehow drawn to visit the location of the Temple of Mithras in London. This is an ancient place that calls us to witness the culture, the tradition and the divinity of the past, where over 2000 years ago we worshipped the god of Light alongside several other deities such as Mercury the messenger who travelled between the realms, Minerva the goddess of witchcraft and creation, and Serapis who is believed to be the god of the underworld. And now this place of power is being restored is what I hear and see through the scaffolds around it.

It is exciting indeed to see that we are discovering and learning about our roots, but more exciting is a possibility that perhaps some day we can bring back the divine traditions of worship, celebration and ritual at these temples restored back to their former glory. It is important that we celebrate and worship at sites of power and not just look at them as artefacts to be photographed with, for only then can we truly bring back our ancient power that flows through our lives, life after life.

At the same time it is necessary to build new temples that celebrate the timeless faith of nature and the universe and offer their energy to the public for the betterment of all humankind on earth. As such at Global Wicca I propose that we join hands and create new temples, starting with any place that you own that may be suitable to be converted into sites of power and magick. Do contact me if interested. 

Blessed Be


Swati Prakash

5 thoughts on “The Resurrection

  1. .but isn’t wicca a lot more of nature worship…
    temples would make it like any other religion..
    where idols get worshiped and people end up forgetting their roots once again.
    Dunno if having temples is such a great idea.

    1. Your query is good. Yes every religion has temples and churches, so does Wicca, except that in Wiccan religion temple is nit just idol worship, its a place where Wiccan priests and priestesses give service to public, teach courses, conduct earth healing. Temples can be set up in nature and in buildings. Its like having an office from where people can access the energy. Example our temple in Mumbai

    2. Its also necessary to understand Wicca is not against gods, goddesses and idols. Wicca considers gods, goddeses, their images as symbolic forms of nature personified to remind us of the infinite faces of the One.

  2. Exactly….Which is what I like so much about Wicca…I mean the rain , the sun , the moon, the trees…they are all more godly than the idols that people have ended up worshiping.
    I do not mean that people who confirm to idol worship do not pray. Its just the rigidity that has come about, the conformity, the trying to put things all the time in boxes… the boxes here being religions instead of accommodating ideas and considering the fact that all is one and one is all…after all…

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