Words and Their Meanings

In witchcraft words are believed to be sacred, just like spells.

Over time we learned to use words without much awareness, thereby using the right word wrongly.

A few examples:

  1. Bitch

Now how many times have people used this word to refer to ‘a bad woman’…

Truly what this word means is simply a female dog. That’s it. And those of you who know anything about dogs and bitches know how sweet, loyal and wonderful these creatures can be. I totally object to the usage of the word bitch to refer to someone you hate if only for the respect of the animal this word actually represents.

So when someone calls anyone bitch – what they really must be meaning is a- Beautiful Innocent Trustrworthy Creature or Human

  1. WITCH

The meaning of the word links to wit, just like wizard to wise. Over time while wizards have been held in awe and being a wizard is taken as a compliment (eg computer wiz refers to a genius in computer technology), the word witch with its feminine connection has been wrongly used as an abuse or an accusation when you want to prove a woman is mean or nasty. Some people until now have wrongly described negative magicians or sorcerers as witches too which is another common mistake. Fears and misunderstanding regarding witchcraft were spread over the centuries painting a very ugly picture of witches. It is necessary to realise and correct this error. Harmful use of magical power is not witchcraft. All magic is not witchcraft. Witchcraft only refers to the wise use of magic.

A truly wise woman or man will be aware that energy given is energy received and ultimately everything returns to the one self which is within. Obviously they would refrain from unwise or harmful practices while channelling good or positive power alone. Only then can they deserve the title of Witch or Wiz.

So the real meaning of Witch – Wise Inspiring Transformational Compassionate Human

WITCHprint in middle of pg-dont stretch

  1. Black Magic

I know that most of the readers as well as this author have so far used this term to refer to bad use of magic, if only because the world has used the term black magic as such. The words, dark and black have been linked to negativity or harmful power, while the word fair, light, bright, white have been used to refer to positive and helpful power. Unfair…or unjust rather! …Or perhaps magical apartheid as I realise.

The word black or dark actually has nothing to do with bad or harmful if seen in their true sense. Black is a colour of transformation – it absorbs the visible spectrum of light and converts it into other energy – perhaps into infra red or thermal energy. Black people are just as beautiful or nice as those who are white or fair. The dark night is as lovely as the bright day. Dark is the colour of the divine crone goddess who represents transformation of something which is no longer useful into something more useful, just like death does.

It might be right to use the word harmful when referring to harmful energy, instead of the term black magic, if only to respect the colour black and the population of people who are black.

Probably I am taking the literal meanings of words a bit too far here, but words are power, and power is to be used well and in the right way, if one has to take the path of wisdom.

Clearly I have tried to suggest that the words bitch, witch, dark and black not be really used for abuses any more than dog, wizard, bright or white.

Personally I also try to refrain from using negative, abusive or harmful language of any kind even in normal day to day life. Using positive vocabulary is part of keeping our energy field positive.

After all every word is a spell.

Blessed Be


Swati Prakash

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