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Rev. Swati Prakash – Founder and Head of Global Wicca Tradition and Magick

Renowned spiritual healer Swati Prakash (also known as Rev. Astra Wishkap), now based in UK was self-initiated into the realms of divination, magick and transformation at the age of 10 in Delhi when she spontaneously started creating spells, rituals and horoscopes, a skill inherited from her past lives. Her interest in the occult grew with several psychic insights that took her deeper into realms of Wicca, Dream-working, Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, Spellcrafting, Astrology and Tarot with help by various teachers.

She is well known for being a Wiccan leader heading the Global Wicca Tradition and its Earth Healing Temple as the Head Priestess. She has developed and authored the three year Global Wicca course and has initiated others in the field. Wicca is a new age religion focused on nature and how to manifest a positive reality. The Global Wicca Tradition is the first full-fledged Wiccan tradition to have a temple in India.

Swati gained degrees in Psychology and Masters in Management at Mumbai, while simultaneously gaining degrees of MD in Alternative Medicine, Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Therapist, Applied Vedic Astrology, Master of Reiki and Wicca degrees. Her honoured teachers internationally included Witchschool Intl., Osho Shivo, Roeland DeLoof, Dirah Academy, renowned Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Osho Shailendra, and Mona Khalaf, besides my late sister Meghna Prakash.

After spending over six years heading a Public Relations Agency while juggling her time as President of Tarot India Network, in 2008, abd after several initiations and studying through programs from various masters, Swati began Magick, the first Wiccan and magickal store in India, so that she could dedicate herself full time in the spiritual field. Magick aims at providing spiritual healing solutions to create a more positive life through the dynamic young team at Mumbai.

Swati was the presenter and spiritual healer on UTV Bindaas in The Chair –India’s 1st paranormal reality show. She has been presenting tarot on broadcast media such as MTV, Star Gold and has been featured in dozens of television stories including Mano Ya Na Mano and Sambhav Kya. She has written regular columns on Tarot, spiritual advise and Astrology for various periodicals such as Times of India, Mother and Baby, Express Starteller, Go Air’s in-flight magazine and has graced the cover page of Chitralekha magazine’ tarot feature as well.

She has presented over the last several years, various seminars and workshops for groups and institutes such as IIT Mumbai, SIES college, Rotary International, using guided meditation and visualization to create a shift in consciousness.

She is distinguished to be the first tarot expert in India to create an Asian Tarot deck of 22 Major Arcana cards based on Literature for the Museum of Tarots in Italy, in a collaboration of 22 Tarot artists from India. This deck has now been published by the Museum of Tarots in Italy, and has also featured in the book ‘In the Court of Trumps’ Volume I – published by The Ministry for Culture and Arts – Rome, a landmark achievement in the global tarot scenario. Swati has also headed the India division of Witchschool International, the world’s leading online Wiccan school, for several years.

According to Swati, “A spiritual search is not aimed at distancing ourselves from the outside world. It helps us recognize our life as a gift, to live in complete awareness and to create a more positive and happier reality. We must realize that destiny is not created by forces outside us. We are constantly influencing our life and there lives a beautiful ‘witch’ or magickal person within each one of us.”



India’s first Magickal, Wiccan healing and Spiritual solutions store offering crystals, amulets, talismans, charms, spells, gemstones, books, CDs, DVDs, candles, aromas, oils, incenses, tarot and divination products, runes, wands, Wicca tools, herbs, Feng Shui and healing products.

Several courses in Energy Healing, Divination and Psychic Skills, Tarot, Wicca and more


Personal and online readings and consultation.

Personal as well as distance healing, ritual and spells requests are taken.

Ritual sessions for healing, banishing negativity, creating positive outcomes for prosperity, relationships, peace, growth and other positive changes

Tarot forecasts, Astrological chart reading and remedies, Angelic and oracle reading, Psychic readings and Consultations

Positive transformation through tarot using meditation, spells and cards

Past life healing and future life progression to release past life related problems and create better future.

Wicca is a religious system focusing on inner work and magick in harmony with nature and with harm to none. Wiccan rituals and spells are performed to release negativity and manifest abundance and positive results as per oracular guidance


The location is checked energetically and remedies are suggested through Feng Shui and Wicca. Wiccan healing ritual is performed at the location.

Psychic reading and foreseeing future tendencies

Tasseomancy or tea leaf reading to discover patterns of future

Casting runes for spiritual guidance and magickal runic remedies


Healing of energy vibrations and energy field (aura) using a fusion of Pranic and Reiki methods.


Through visualization and meditative work healing is provided.

Forecasts for media, articles and content for press and broadcast on Spiritual healing, Divination, Wicca and manifestation.

Swati Prakash

Swati Prakash, Head Priestess


Please note several employees including Priests, Priestesses and High Priests such as the following, were appointed as team members and are not working together any longer with me, Swati Prakash and I have no association with them since Nov 2016 as they closed my store by not being able to attend in my prolonged absence from Mumbai. The terms Priests and High Priests are designations conferred by the Founder, myself, not a symbol of being owners or CEO, which remained myself, Swati Prakash.

I also had over 500 students keenly learning tarot, divination, psychic skills, Magick, Wiccan spells and Energy Hesling under me at Tarot India Network, Kandivali East, Santacruz West, and Delhi, as well as at Magick, Global Wicca’s Earth Healing Temple at 16th road, Bandra west, Mumbai.

I thank all my employees, totalling over 20 or so, since the year 2002, at Santazruz west and Bandra West, Mumbai, for their time. Any services you undertake with them are at your own risk.

I have been made aware since 2014 from well wishers that a particular initiate has been taking many of my clients and media contacts to himself in my absence against rules, and was presenting falsely as the ‘owner’, ‘cofounder’ or founder of India’s first Wiccan store after starting his own shop, even in some press articles which is simply untrue. India’s first Wiccan store was founded by me abd solely funded by myself, Swati Prakash, and was indeed Magick store at Mumbai. I have always wished other employees who worked with me over the years well regardless of their past behaviour.

Some students and my initiates included Angel Serrao, Poojan Solanki, Anuja Gala, Pooja Sharma, Kareena Khawani, and dozens of others working full time or part time at my store for short to prolonged periods of time, especially in my move to U.K., but are no longer associated with me.

Kindly note the services conducted by various Priests and Priestesses of other ranks if offered at their own stores, residences or set ups, without my authorisation, are no longer under my guidance or purview and I may not be held responsible for the quality of their work, no matter how closely they resemble my store.

They are no longer part of Global Wicca tradition and some of them were unable to manage my store in time of their need as they refused to be present and/ or accountable when required during my motherhood leave, at certain occasions causing me grevious losses.

I have since then been bereaved of my cat Fehu at Mumbai in 2016 due to non opening of my store, as well as my young sister Meghna Prakash who died during my absence in India in 2017, while merely 33 years of age, and there was grave danger and risk to my life and that of my little child at U.K. due to being made highly vulnerable owing to financial breakdowns caused due to my store not being run well in my absence.

I wish all my ex employees and associates well. I recognize the strong contributions and achievements of my beautiful young sister Meghna Prakash who supported me in starting Tarot India Network as co-founder, and bringing me into success on the Wiccan path since we both were initiated together as High Priestesses in 2002. Blessed Be!

In memory of Late Meghna Prakash, High Priestess, Wiccan sister of Swati Prakash

I am at the moment not offering any Wiccan initiations or designatory titles as Priests or Priestesses to anyone in person or online due to quality control.

Thank you,

Swati Prakash

Founder, Global Wicca and Magick store (since 2008) and Tarot India (since 2002).

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