Another World

Deep inside, another world
Where there is only You
Far away, your darkness hides
The brightness of the truth
Go beyond the rainbow light
Way further from the stars
Deep inside, another world
So near and yet so far

Sail right through the stormy seas
Of anger, pain, despair
Find the treasure island where
All is love, true and fair
Find your peace and happiness
Find your inner self
Deep inside, another world
Don’t hide it from yourself

Swati Prakash

4 thoughts on “Another World

  1. Dear Mistress Swati,
    I have been an ardent Wiccan since five years. Your teachings always seem so proper, wise and right. I have achieved much happiness and peace because of your teachings. I would like to dedicate myself to you and consider you my goddess (since wicca encourages us to choose our own path to divinity) and become a humble servant/slave to you and serve you and the wiccan movement on whatever way I can. Please reply.

    1. I guess i never would like anyone to be anyones slave, but to be your own master is highly recommended with all my respect and gratitude to your kind words

  2. Awesome…it seems like so me…
    Thank you for these few lines…
    Warm regards,

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